Week 3

The weekly sewing challenge continues, this week was officially to sew something that would be useful in your sewing room. But I didn’t feel like making a scrap catcher, fabric box or pin cushion (my only realistic ideas in the time frame I had). So I went “rogue” and cut into the fabric that just came yesterday.

It’s the Choose Your Own Adventure by Rad Patterns. I went for curved hems front and back, I almost did high/low but decided I wanted to keep it even. Now I just have big brothers to do, but week 4 is sew something for a boy/man, so brothers shirt gets to wait until tomorrow.

Because of cold kitties and other distractions this shirt barely made deadline of tomorrow at 7 pm. And had I realized it was tomorrow I would’ve probably procrastinated even longer. Wanna see the other distraction?

Here is the first attempt, isn’t it awful? My paint “bled” everywhere and my name just got globbed up in the crack. So I sanded it down and started again, which is one of the joys of woodworking I suppose.

I decided to leave some of the original gray and white for “texture” and ran over it with a blue stain I got cheap at Walmart. It took forever to dry and made a heck of a mess, but it looks cute so I guess it’s worth it.

I followed the advice from one of my Facebook groups and mod podged the stencil areas before painting to help with the bleeding. Would’ve worked better if I had known before hand that stencils won’t stick to oil based stains. I had whitewashed the first try so it stuck no problem, but this try it wouldn’t even try.

Luckily distressing helps a lot, so now it just looks like it’s supposed to be this way. Hubby wants me to wait for her birthday to give it to her, I just want to give it to her now. I hate waiting, but I suppose he has a point, so birthday it shall be.

I end with proof it does get cold in hell, all 3 of my cats who normally take turns hating each other are all within paws reach on my blanket (and in all of my legroom).

Deep freeze

It has come, winter has arrived in my area of Florida. My county is under a freeze warning! The last time I remember this happening is 10 years ago (and I honestly don’t remember it, but that’s when my husband says it was). It’s cold enough out that I’ve tripled up on the bedding.

This is the fuzzy top layer of 3, down comforter, polka dot fleece blanket, then pink to the rescue! The cats have no idea what to do, I thought I’d be overrun with them, but so far they’re actually leaving me alone.

All but socks, seen here in one of his less clingy moments. Apparently socks has decided I’m cold, or he’s cold and I’m warmer than the blankets. Either way he’s decided that under cover(s) is the place to be. Which is mostly adorable, except that he only wants to stay for a few minutes, then he leaves, to want to come back again a after another few minutes. Hopefully he’ll temperature regulate and decide where he wants to stay the rest of the night so I can sleep.

So off to try to stay warm, hope everyone else is too. Tomorrow I get to try to figure out my challenge for the weekly sewing project. This week is something helpful for sewing, I’m not feeling the basket idea but so far it’s the only one I have.


Whoever told Queen Elsa to visit Florida is officially on my list, it’s not quite “Frozen” yet but it’s definitely cold.

Enough that I’ve called out the big dogs, hand knit wool socks. Honestly I’m pretty happy to have an excuse to wear them, I make socks all the time and the opportunities to wear them are generally few and far between. At least I know my feet will be warm at work tonight.

First time for everything

This weeks challenge was to sew with the last fabric you bought, but who can remember which it was? Certainly not me, so I chose to use the last fabric that came. But I wanted to make a laundry day tank, and it’s too wide at the bottom for panels.

Enter the color block, this was my first time on an adult shirt. I think it turned out pretty good, now I can make more of these with panels. The tunic length didn’t fit on a yard or the panel so I had to make the shirt length for the first time ever. Luckily I’m short so it’s still probably long enough to wear with leggings.

My fashion coordinator approves also, which is all that really matters.

I also played with my cricut last night, I’m debating adding either a quote or my name to the bottom just to fill in a bit. I tried some new htv that I got at Michaels, it weeded so much easier than the cricut brand. Ironed on better too, which is great because I bought a lot of it while it was on sale at Michaels. I have another shirt for me and one for hubby to play with, debating matching or not. Tough choices indeed.

We came, we saw…

We got our picture taken with the parks shirts on.

In order of opening no less, which was moms idea.

Mom actually liked this shirt which makes me happy. Especially because I have the panel from the original plan already cut out. If she didn’t like the fit I was going to be trying to squeeze into hers and make one for hubby.

I’m just glad it warmed up, it started in the high 40’s, which for us Florida natives is right on the edge of freezing. But it warmed up into the low 60’s so nobody cried too hard when it was picture time.

It’s been busy, busy, busy ever since so there hasn’t been a ton of time to post. Alas I don’t see that improving much, but I am planning on taking tomorrow to do my week 2 project for the weekly sewing challenge I joined on Facebook. This weeks theme is involving the last fabric you bought. Well, who knows what that actually is, so I’m going with last shipment that came, which is more Disney. I’m going to try color blocking, which will make it more interesting (especially if I mess it up).

Park Hop

Tomorrow we go to Disney with my mom and a good friend of ours. And we’ll be going in style, I sewed my booty off today to ensure this.

The fruits of my labors, this was a two birds, one stone situation. I joined a group on Facebook that’s doing a challenge to sew at least 1 thing every week, and now we all have cute matching shirts.

This shirt is the one I was counting as my weekly project, it’s a Men’s Henley by Patterns for pirates. It’s the same pattern I used for hubbys Christmas shirt, but the neckband bugged me, it was so puckered. So I ripped it off and started again, which was fun with serged seams let me tell you.

I think it was worth it, looks much better now. I used 1×1 ribbed knit instead of cotton Lycra, I’ll end up doing hubbys at some point, but his is ok for now.

For the ladies we have 2 Nancy Raglans by 5 out of 4 patterns. Epcot for me, Animal Kingdom for Mom, hopefully this one will work better for her, she didn’t love the way the medium fit.

Gracie of course had to quality check me, make sure I’m doing a good job. Jack tried but I chased him off because I really didn’t want black fur on them. Hopefully everyone will wear theirs tomorrow and we can get good pictures of them at magic kingdom.

Merry Christmas

Since it’s after midnight, allow me to open by saying Merry Christmas to all. Or happy holidays if Christmas isn’t your thing.

Yesterday was a surprisingly successful day, I managed to finish hubbys last minute present and throw together a shirt for myself.

Here’s hubbys present, a Men’s Henley by Patterns for pirates. Gracie is my little pattern weight, and for once was actually in the right spot to make it work. That is until she moved and was right in my cutting path. Jack is my art director and thus felt the need to supervise the photo shoot, as well as making sure the folded shirt didn’t run away. What can I say? They’re both excellent at what they do.

Surprisingly I was allowed to work on my own shirt unsupervised, and mine was the challenge.

Here she is in all her glory, another Agnes by Halla Patterns. I have no idea what the fabric is, it came in my monthly bee box and I haven’t gotten the card with fabric content and pattern suggestion yet. It’s some sort of velvet obviously, but beyond that I’m clueless.

Honestly it was a bit of a pain to work with, it gripped itself too well and was too slippery all at once. The sleeves in particular were challenging, slipping and sliding but not wanting to move where I wanted them to be.

I seemed to always be hanging over too much, or have more sleeve than hole or vice versa. Then the edges didn’t line up, which made hemming a challenge. But it is done, and only took about an hour and a half from start to finish.

On to Christmas Day, largest family gathering of them all. May everyone’s day be happy, and your presents be finished.