999 Happy Haunts

A while back a custom fabric retailer put haunted mansion fabric on their site. As a huge fan of both the ride and Halloween in general I knew I would have to have this fabric, many yards. Fast forward to the present, now my pretties are here, but what to do with them? I decided on raglans with contrasting sleeves for my mom, my husband and me.

Here’s my husbands front and sleeves, panel is kind of hard to see, but it says “Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts.” I couldn’t quite bring myself to cut into the back fabric yet, that will probably come tomorrow.

This one is mine, I kind of forgot that I actually wanted the same panel as hubby, but I think the purple works pretty well with this one too “Mine says “Of Course There’s Always My Way.”

Moms will be the same as mine but with pale pink sleeves and neckband. I haven’t even printed moms pattern yet, mine was enough of a challenge to assemble and cut, one at a time. Granted it would likely be faster to just chain assemble. But it would be my luck that I get the pieces messed up, especially since our front and backs are the same fabrics in different sizes.

Here’s a rough shot of my shirt with the back fabric, I love this so much that I seriously regret not ordering more when I had the chance, but such is life.

In other news my cute gray and teal tank has a nice sized hole. Darn bracelet snags on it, and my watch too, but it’s so pretty! I’ll probably still make another one because I love how it fits so much. I really wish there was a way to fix it, but I can’t think of any. And there are a few more small holes around too, they’ll probably continue to run even if I did fix the big one. I can’t even bring this one to work to give to a patient that might need it, I’m afraid it’ll just start falling apart in the wash. Oh well, on to the next!

Home Sweet Home

Thank goodness for Mcdonalds annual technology persons conference. Had the opportunity to take a mini vacation to Chicago area with my hubby as a tag along. Technically we were in a suburb about 45 minutes outside of the city, but I made it into Chicago proper twice.

Once to fabric shop, went to Textile Discount Outlet for a day trip. It was an enormous store, room after room after room of fabrics and trims and I don't know what else. I was a little disappointed in the selection of knits, most of them felt like 100% synthetic. But I did manage to find these gems, over 15 yards of fabric for under $70. I have big plans for most of these, the pink camo in particular will become leggings for when we go to Northern Florida this fall.

Then again when we played tourist downtown, where we saw Willis Tower…

And even went to the top!

Later we went to a White Sox game, Sox won!

The sock even got in on the baseball action, I like to think we helped the Sox win.

This afternoon however, our fun had come to an end and it was time to fly back home. The new fabrics are in the wash, and the planning has begun to decide what they will become. TTFN

Sewers block

Like writers block but less critical to my income. I know I want to sew, I know what fabric I want to sew with, I just don't know what it wants to be.
I did manage to whip out a pair of sleep shorts for hubby before work on Saturday. They're another pair of Pajama pants by 5 out of 4 patterns ( a free pattern btw!) and they're super easy. The worst part (as with any woven) is the double folding of the hem. Think with the next pair I'm just going to zig zag the edges and say screw it.

In other news, I've finally finished a pair of socks for my dad. These are Gravel Grid Socks, by Jessica Baird. I started them a couple of years ago and just kind of lost momentum (I have a fair few of these projects around). Since it was recently his birthday and he had knee surgery today I figured they needed to get finished. Yarn is Opal Rainforest, colorway Eule Owl (brown owl I think in English). I love the Opal yarns, the stripes never fail to entertain. And they wear like iron to boot.

Well, off to soak the new finished product, and maybe sew some shorts for hubby, maybe.

Poor Kitty

I am the proud mama to 3 gorgeous kitties, one of whom hasn't been feeling so great lately.

This is my baby Jack, he likes to munch on string like materials. He's been throwing up all over the house (including my bed twice) for the past couple of days. Today was the deciding factor and he got dragged to the vet, I couldn't find the cat carrier so he got to rock my Disney Vera bag. Luckily ribbon eater is ok, I'll spare you the details of the ribbon evidence (you're welcome, it's gross).

All of this has cut into my sewing time for this evening, not to mention I couldn't make it to my dads birthday party. Hopefully he understood, I didn't want to go over an hour away from home with Jack feeling so poorly. It got to the point today when sewing felt like choosing what's for dinner. I knew I wanted to sew something, but I couldn't decide what. So I did what I always do when I can't decide and consulted the hubby. He suggested another pair of pj shorts for him. Wish granted, ran to the store and grabbed some more flannel and will start cutting new pairs once it's all dry. Pictures of fabric to follow, in the meantime I'll leave you with a cute picture of my other boy.

Disney Addicts

I don't know if there's a 12 step program for Disney addiction, or if I'd even want to participate if there was. But I think it's safe to say hubby and I would both probably qualify. This weekend was a quick little run over for Animal Kingdom and a dip in and out of Epcot.

It was a me made kind of weekend, wore my second ever home sewn shirt the first day. And boy let me tell you, as well as I thought I did when I first made this one, I see the beginner mistakes now. The neckband doesn't lie flat, the hem really ripples. But it's comfy, and most people would never notice, so I'm choosing not to sweat the small stuff
We got to explore the new area of the park, Pandora. I was marveling how it wasn't super packed, and when we passed the Flight of Passage queue I realized why… 125 minutes for one ride, there was nobody outside because they were all in line! It's a neat area, and their signature drink is wonderful. And it has boba pearls, which are hard to describe but entirely delightful.
At night they light the whole place with black lights, so if you're wearing white you get to glow.
And they light up the tree, super pretty. It's still weird being there at night, I'm so used to the park closing at 6 because of the animals. At least they finally fixed the lighting situation, before the late night hours the lighting was awful when they did the rare evening event.

This morning/afternoon was Epcot, so Figment got to go back home. Cast member at the entrance asked me if my shirt was one of the new ones or an old one. Wanted to reply that it's super new (finished it in the nick of time), but managed to keep the smart alec comments to myself.
And this is the home of the great Figment himself. We opted not to ride this time, but figured the least I could do is show the shirt its origins. Was supposed to get a magic shot of me pointing up at the dragon himself, but somehow I got myself holding balloons. Luckily the app lets you edit your photos and had figment stickers, voila magic shot (sort of).

Au-some kiddo

So my (adopted) nephew is autistic, and his mom (my bestie) had mentioned wanting to get him some shirts that allude to that so people might better understand his behaviors. Well, as fate would have it, I had already preordered some autism fabric online weeks before. Fast forward to Tuesday, when I cut this out.
It's a Max Raglan by Max & Meena patterns, it was a dream to sew and I see many more of them in my future. It's making me want to get a grown up raglan pattern for me. So much easier than trying to ease sleeve corners.
I also finished a pair of sleep shorts for hubby, the legs aren't that lopsided, it's just positional. These are actually a free pattern on 5 out of 4 website. Simply called Pajama pants, it was an easy pattern to follow and went together quickly. Especially with my serger finishing off the inner seams.
I will say that the flannel made me more appreciative of my knits, the hems were a pain. Forgot you have to double fold wovens so they don't fray. Next pair is going to be with knit, just to see which he prefers. Especially since these are a little big on him, if he decides he likes this type better the next pair will have to be a medium.

Weekend Warrior 

Alas my weekend to work is here again, hopefully it will be a good weekend with minimal drama. But when you’re a nurse you just never know. Alas my sewing will be minimal until Tuesday, if even then. 

I did manage to get 3 pairs of Capri length peg legs cut out in navy and gray double brushed poly, and turquoise in cotton Lycra blend. Had kind of planned to start assembling last night but lost my mojo. I’ll find it soon, in the meantime, here’s a pic of Mom wearing her birthday shirt. 

She really liked it, so I see a few more of this pattern in my future. Maybe even 1 or 2 for me.