Comedy of Errors

Remember that outfit I made? With the skirt and the tank? I couldn’t figure out why I ran out of fabric when I was positive I had ordered plenty. Well, when I got home I found out what had happened.

This was the pairing I had ordered, apparently I just saw blue and grabbed it in my rush to pack.

This is what I made, luckily it still coordinates nicely. I think I’ll still make the other shirt, I need some more solid tops anyway. As much as I love Disney, I prefer not to wear it all of the time.

I love how I say that but I just got another shipment of mostly Disney fabrics. The Mickey faces will be leggings for me, Frozen will be a shirt for my little niecey poo for the Disney Christmas party we’re going to at the beginning of December. There’s an Avengers print for me to replace the shirt back I made a mess of, and an adorable ninja turtles panel and print too.

The cats seem glad we’re home, they’ve been extra clingy and wanting lots of snuggles.

I’ve been having too much fun with this clingy behavior, using it to my advantage to play with the new portrait modes on my phone. Believe it or not that is an unedited shot taken with my phone. I’ve been trying to get one of Jack with this setting but he’s too lovey. Every time I call his name to get his attention he comes to me for some loving.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get back to sewing, I have a ton of projects to finish, and even more to get started. I’m hoping to hem about 6 shirts and the circle skirt tomorrow (I hate hemming). Then I can reward myself by starting something new and cute, like more Mickey leggings!

Cold Front

Fall has come at last to our vacation retreat, it was only 55 when I got up this morning. And I don’t think it’s been over 70 all day, it’s been marvelous. Perfect day to stay in and sew (I say that when it’s hot out too). It’s also our last full day up here, so I kind of had to make hay so to speak.

Lets start with Agnes by Halla, I cut this out the other day but didn’t have enough of the solid fabric to do the arm/neck bands so it got put aside. While I was cutting the skirt out I figured, why not use scraps from the skirt for arm/neck bands. So I did, and I think it’s pretty darn cute. Twirly Girl Skirt for Women is next, obviously it’s made to go with the Agnes above (and it’s in the Agnes picture). I love these skirts, this is the second I’ve sewn and as much as I’m not a skirt person, I might make a few more of these for fun.

For my sweet little niece here are 2 pairs of Leggings, also by Halla (I’m sensing an accidental theme here). The Care Bears were bought to be leggings, the avengers fabric was just a scrap buster. And the avengers pair will complement her black widow shirt nicely.

2 pairs of Ninja Leggings completely finished (except for hemming, which I hate). I’m rather proud of both of these since I managed to sew the waistband on the right way, neither of my prints are upside down!

I can’t wait to wear both of these to Disney, it’ll be interesting to see if anyone thinks they’re by a popular leggings company. The smug is strong when you get to say that you made them yourself.

Last but not least is the project I wanted finished the worst but was the most afraid of. My blanket topper and coordinate by BackStitchFabrics. Everywhere online I was hearing how horrible minky can be to work with, so I was terrified to mess with it. But it was less messy than I was expecting and went together pretty quickly. It is one of my new favorite things I’ve ever made. The back of the blanket is as gorgeous as the front, and it’s all I can do not to lock it up when I’m not using it.

Here it is in action, it’s just barely cool enough to justify snuggling down on the couch with it. But I’m willing to suffer a little bit for my art.

The blanket is the last of the vacation projects sewn by machine, most of my supplies are packed up and ready to head home. I guess for the 3.5 hour ride I can work on my quilt binding 😭. Or finish tacking the points on my fold n stitch trees 😢. My fingers are just feeling normal again, but that’s why bandaids exist I suppose. I tried a thimble but it’s so awkward that I can’t make it work.

Hungry Machine

Yesterday I decided it was time to start sewing the clothes I wanted to get done for me, figured I’d start with my October bee box fabric.

After much struggle and swearing here it is, Agnes by Halla Patterns. My machine thought this fabric was delicious, I had to remove the bottom plate of my machine 3 times to get my fabric out. Next time I’m just serging it instead of sewing on my regular machine. Luckily nobody will be examining the interior of my shirt.

Today I’ve been exceptionally productive, cutting and mostly assembling 5 shirts. Granted 3 of them are for kids, but I’m still calling it a win. Black widow is a Girls La Bella Donna by Love Notions size 2T for my niece Abby. Thor and Captain America are both Max Raglans size 6/7. Thor is for Abby’s brother Aiden and Captain America is for my niece Lyndsey. Initially Aiden was going to get both of the raglans, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought I’d ask my sister in law if Lyndsey would like a shirt. So Captains shirt has the rounded hem and the sleeves have more purple in them.

I also have most of 2 Bella Donna tops made too, this one is Mom’s. Mine is Ursula but apparently I didn’t take a picture of it. Apparently I threw away the pattern pieces for the arm binding, so I’ll end up finishing the Bella Donna trio when I get home. More planned for tomorrow, hoping to get some ninja leggings done.

I leave you with a picture of the Ooey Gooey Pumpkin Cake I made for dessert last night. Tasted wonderful but I don’t think I can make it again, this dessert has 2 sticks of butter in it. Plus cream cheese! And then you top it with whipped cream, it’s a cardiologists dream dessert.


Every year my husband and father in law spend 9 days at a family property in northern FL to hunt. I usually try to tag along for the time away from the city (and things that go along with it). Usually I bring a ton of knitting, but this year I decided to bring my sewing machine and serger and get a jump on my Christmas sewing. I have a ton of projects I’d like to get accomplished, so far I’m underwhelmed with my progress.

It all started with Gracie helping me pack my fabric, this adorable print came right before we left, it felt like fate so it came with us.

My Ninja pants made their outdoor debut fireside. This pair didn’t go together very well and thus don’t fit very well. They fall down a lot, but my other pair are great. Clearly it’s operator error and not the pattern.

Here’s my set up in camp, the dining room table, my cutting mat (that I accidentally warped with the iron) and my iPad. I finished the Fold N Stitch Wreath for my mother in law, full photos to come tomorrow when I’ve glued the pretties on.

Here’s a sneak peek of the wreath. I’ve also started Fold N Stitch Trees, this seems to be a new pattern for this year. My mother in law is going to love these. I’ve gotten everything done by machine that is possible, now it’s on to the hand tacking.

Luckily this part can be done fireside, here’s one of the 6 pieces completed. I really hope she enjoys these, I can’t say I’ll be making many more of them, they seem finicky so far.

Mom walked me through how to trim my quilt, and helped me cut and sew them to make the binding. Over a year of stalling and it was a far easier than I thought it would be.

I have a long road ahead though, I’m barely 1/4 way around the entire thing. Guess if nothing else I’ll have a project for the drive home. Until next time, here’s a campfire.

Welcome Fall

It seems as though fall has finally reached Florida, the weather has been a gorgeous 70 something degrees for the past 4 days. I’ve been trying to get things done but it’s been so crazy that I haven’t accomplished much.

The first successful pair of Ninja leggings by 5 out of 4 patterns. These were a complete disaster, the grain was hard to see so I ended up cutting them completely backwards. Then I managed to sew one leg with the wrong sides together, so when I tried to sew them together they didn’t fit. Unpicking serged seams really sucks btw.

Then there are these, same pattern in a denim looking print I got from Purple Seamstress. It was supposed to have 4 way stretch, but it seemed to be more on the bias, so these aren’t quite right either, but they fit ok(ish) so I’ll hang on to them.

Ninja leggings are neat because they have a gusset in the crotch seam, gives you just a tad more room to move around.

Here’s the wrong side, it definitely takes some practice to get everything to line up (and I’m still practicing).

And here’s the right side, you can barely see it. I wasn’t sold on the whole thing the first pair I made, but the more I wear these the more I like it. I see many more of these in my future, now if I could just get mom to wear leggings I’d be set.

I leave you with some pictures of the cats enjoying the weather (and “helping” me sew).

Highly Productive

The smug is strong in me right now, I finished 4 things today. 2 tops and 2 pairs of leggings for my friends little girls. They’re coming down from Michigan to spend a week at Disney and I wanted the girls to have something special.

These are Leggings by Halla, this is the first time I’ve made this pattern and I’m pretty impressed. They went together with barely a hitch and are adorable. Now I just have to hope they fit.

These are La Bella Donna by love notions patterns. Again, super cute and went together quickly. I hate hemming so it was nice that this pattern has armbands instead of hems. Granted the neck line is hemmed instead of banded, but 2 hems is better than 3 I guess.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to throw something together for me, it’s just not a trip to Disney anymore without a custom shirt. I’m thinking I’ll do a Bella Donna for me too. Time will tell, I work all weekend so tomorrow is my last day to make myself something.

Wreath Madness

My mother in law loves the fold n stitch wreath by poorhouse designs, I’m working on making sure she has one for every season, so she has Halloween, patriotic, and spring so far. Since she’s such a fan I thought it could be fun to try them on my sisters in law and see how they feel. Since their birthdays are so close (and soon) I went fall themed with theirs.

Here’s the first, I like this one a lot and almost don’t want to give it away. The main issue I had with this wreath was the iron on adhesive not wanting to stick. I thought I had the wrong stuff for a bit, but apparently the melty part has changed. Instead of bumpy backing it’s not smooth and shiny, I kind of miss the bumps. The new shiny version doesn’t seem to want to melt real well.

Here’s the second wreath, I’m pretty thrilled with how this one turned out too. Mostly I’m just glad I figured out the directional print thing, no more upside down fabrics for me! I ran out of thread about halfway through top stitching this one, the thread had been moms so I have no idea what color it was (or how old either). I got close enough with its replacement though, it’s a little more shiny but still looks nice.

I meant to sew so much more today, but as it turns out, these wreaths take about 3.5 hours from start to finish. I’m beginning to get a method down but it’s a lot of steps. Obviously the next step will be one for Mom in law for Christmas. And to top off the perfection, the designer has come out with a tree pattern too. Hopefully she’ll love those as much as the wreath.