And so it begins…

Well, here goes nothing. I’m a 30 something nurse who has been knitting since I was 17 and sewing for about 3 years. Started off sewing quilt tops and has slowly progressed to clothes, which has been my main focus the past few months. 

I am a chronic non finisher of knitting projects and probably have about 100 WIP around the house. I’d say I’m trying to get better about that but I don’t want to lie in the first post. I knit a lot of socks, mostly because they’re small, fit in my purse and don’t take up my whole lap while I’m working on them. 

There are also 3 cats and a husband who will probably make appearances, the cats in particular like to “help” with whatever I’m trying to do. 

So stay tuned for crafting mishaps of all shapes and sizes (currently having issues with a tank I’m making my niece). 

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