On Fire

Someone grab the extinguisher, because I am on fire today! Finished the project for my niece…

An adorable leggings/shirt set that I thought was trying to kill me. The leggings actually went pretty well, must’ve been all the girl power imbedded in them. Theyre Leggins by Love Notions Patterns, and they’re actually free right now.

The shirt however, was trying to kill me. Slowly and painfully, death by a thousand papercuts. 

The fabric was absolutely hell bent on being eaten by my machine, didn’t seem to matter what I did. I’d be thinking I was starting off so well, only to realize that my fabric hadn’t moved in a while and was in fact stuck down below my feed dogs. Couple with edges not wanting to line up, neckline and arm bands not cooperating and a double needle that kept breaking my thread. I was glad to see the back of it, I don’t even care if she likes it at this point. Pattern is cute though, it’s the Tidal Tank by Love Notions Patterns, none of my issues where pattern based. 

I also churned out another pair of Peg Legs for myself, love that pattern and these mostly went off without a hitch. Had one little boo boo with a side seam but that was my own fault for not paying attention. Btw, thread matching is a beautiful thing…until you have to seam rip, then that beautifully matched thread is a menace. Not that I have any recent experience or anything…

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