No, I’m not developing a fruit fetish all of a sudden. But I did finish a minion muscle tank for my bffs son. 

Enter the Matey muscle tank, a great top for a little guy who loves him some minions. The original plan was to use cute panels, but they’re way too small for the size 6 I made him. So I’m going to make his little sister a shirt out of a panel and the leftovers from this tank (which actually was hubbys idea). 

Also on the docket today was a Fold and Stitch Wreath, by poorhouse designs. My mother in law loves the first one I made for her, my father in law has been hinting for some time that she would enjoy another. 

So I complied, I bought these fabrics last year around this time to make this wreath and never got around to it. Luckily I found all of it while we were moving stuff around during fixing up our bedrooms. Just needed the stabilizer and the Wonder under and we were good to go. Took a little while to get warmed up, I’ve been making so much clothing lately I had almost forgotten how to sew with woven fabric. 

Since it was immediately pressed into service, I’d say she liked it. Now to plan the fall/Halloween one. 

P.S. My niece loved her outfit, and didn’t object when I offered to provide more. 

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