Stormy Night

Not literally, though it is the rainy season. At an arena football game with the family tonight, and the team is The Tampa Bay Storm. 

Should be a fun night, even though I know less than nothing about football, I have my knitting though, so I’m all set. 

Good old purse sock, poor thing gets dragged with me everywhere, nothing fancy so I can knit without focusing on it.  And speaking of knitting…

Finally got this blocked today, finished it a couple of weeks ago and it got buried. It’s a basic rectangular wrap with a stitch pattern called the spider stitch. Which I won’t be telling my mom given her loathing of arachnids. It’s hard to tell the color, but it’s a socks that rock spirit color, and was spirited from the color blue. 

Kind of a disappointing sewing day, minion panel was too small to even get an 18 month tee front out of, cut the back and sleeves before I realized. Threw the whole thing out before I realized I could list the panels on Facebook buy/sell/trade and see if anyone wants them. 

Cut this panel instead, was debating which of my scraps to use for the back and sleeves and decided to wait for my backstitch packages and use my hats fabric I ordered. So this gets to sit in limbo until it starts rolling in, which will hopefully be soon. Can’t wait to see all of my pretties (my husband is going to have a fit!)

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