Almost There

It’s almost the weekend, can I get a *whew*? Though my weekend does not promise to be much of a break, birthday gathering for my mom tomorrow, complete with sewn presents from yours truly 

It’s a Sea Breeze Top by Max and Meena patterns. It’s construction is a bit different than what I’m used to, but I was able to get the whole thing sewn on my regular machine, no serger required. I got the fabric from a Facebook group, so I have no clue who it’s by. But it’s a thicker base with maybe 20% stretch, worked quite nicely for this top, might make one for myself next. V

Also made beer cheese bread for a coworker, I always forget how dark this bread gets (and it’s a tad overdone). Hope he likes it, you have to seriously plan ahead for this one. Takes longer for beer to go flat than you would think. 

Also put together some fresh Pico for work tonight, nothing quite like super fresh Pico with chips during a challenging shift. And the moon is nearly full, so I’m planning on a challenging night. Off to the races! 

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