Hollywood (studios)

Spent yesterday roasting at the happiest place on earth, Hollywood Studios at Disney world. Managed to finish my backstitch panel shirt in the nick of time to wear it to the park. 

It would be more entertaining if I had a horrible time sewing this, but really? It went together like a dream. Once I got my serger back online that is…

Here we see the shirt encountering a few celebrities, like chewbakka from Star Wars. 

And Star Lord and Baby Groot from guardians of the galaxy. 

The shirt also got me selected to get up in front of a large audience (which because it was at Disney I couldn’t flip my husband off for videoing the whole experience) and act like an idiot. We went to the Pixar live show, which was amazing. Basically it’s an orchestra playing music from Pixar movies while the scenes play behind them. Anyway, the green army men from toy story were circulating in the audience and had “boot camp” with about 6 of us “volunteers”. I got conscripted, but was trying to be a good sport. Darn cute prints, get noticed at the worst of times. 

In other news, I managed to finish the birthday girls presents in the nick of time for her party. They turned out adorable if I do say so myself. 

Luckily I had printed 18 month sizes in hopes of her having some room to grow, but alas, they got her perfectly now. 

This is the Fav Tee by patterns for pirates

And this is the Magnolia Dress by stitch upon a time. This dress has endless options, none of which I used for this version. Pockets, decorative stitching, various lengths. Super adorable and easy to put together. Didn’t even use my serger on any of them. 

Ah well, off to the cutting table, I had planned to spend today sewing but ended up spending it with my bestie instead, worth it. 

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