Poor Kitty

I am the proud mama to 3 gorgeous kitties, one of whom hasn't been feeling so great lately.

This is my baby Jack, he likes to munch on string like materials. He's been throwing up all over the house (including my bed twice) for the past couple of days. Today was the deciding factor and he got dragged to the vet, I couldn't find the cat carrier so he got to rock my Disney Vera bag. Luckily ribbon eater is ok, I'll spare you the details of the ribbon evidence (you're welcome, it's gross).

All of this has cut into my sewing time for this evening, not to mention I couldn't make it to my dads birthday party. Hopefully he understood, I didn't want to go over an hour away from home with Jack feeling so poorly. It got to the point today when sewing felt like choosing what's for dinner. I knew I wanted to sew something, but I couldn't decide what. So I did what I always do when I can't decide and consulted the hubby. He suggested another pair of pj shorts for him. Wish granted, ran to the store and grabbed some more flannel and will start cutting new pairs once it's all dry. Pictures of fabric to follow, in the meantime I'll leave you with a cute picture of my other boy.

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