Neckline Blues

I’ve been on a pretty decent run with my sewing, aside from my blue mickey tank that’s a little tighter than I typically wear everything has been fitting the way I like. Enter hubbys haunted mansion raglan, first I cut the wrong neckline on the pattern.

I cut the line above the line I needed, so the neckline is way too shallow and beyond too small. When I made hubby try it on it looked like a turtleneck. Thankfully Facebook group to the rescue, they helped me pinpoint the error and I corrected where I thought I needed to.

Much better, but when hubby tries it on it’s still a little higher than I’d like. It’s fine as is, but who knows when I add the neckband we might be back in the odd turtleneck position.

Enter in my idea for how much wider it needs to be, but the same Facebook group has expressed concerns about altering that much, especially considering that I’ll be cutting off about 1/2 inch in attaching the neckband. Pattern is Rocky Mountain Raglan, and difficulties with it are of my own doing, so far it’s been easy to assemble and follow, except for the neckline issue (again, my fault not theirs). Lesson learned, when printing a multi size pattern, print in color not grayscale.

Pictures of my coordinating shirt to follow, along with my (hopeful) fix of hubbys shirt. And he wonders why I haven’t sewn for him yet.

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