Sighting of the Rare Skirt Monster

My wardrobe is largely composed of comfortable pants (and leggings of course), and loose shirts. Which meant I was shocked on Sunday when a skirt started calling my name. After an extensive search of my sewing room (aka the pit) for my perfect fabric I was sweaty and disappointed. I knew it was around, I had been hoarding it for the perfect pattern…which I had just discovered. But I have done a lot of swapping lately, had I accidentally tossed it in a swap bag? Resigned to a second best skirt with another fabric I had that might’ve worked I began to assemble my pattern.

Yeah, see it there? The navy and white stripes? Apparently I had put it up on my cutting table and it had gotten covered by a panel and fat half set. Overjoyed I set to work, assembling the pattern, laying everything out on the table. Only to discover that my perfect skirt is bigger than my table will allow (it’s a circle skirt). On to the floor we go, thankfully I still have my fabric pens. Pieces cut I chugged along on my serger, until I had this…

As Mary Poppins says “a thing of beauty is a joy forever”. Maybe not everyone’s idea of a thing of beauty, but it’s one of my favorite projects so far. It’s a Twirly girl skirt for women by Halla patterns. I managed to finish it just in time to wear to my grandmothers birthday dinner. I wanted to make a navy tank to go with it but ran out of time (and patience). And it lives up to its name, it is certainly a twirly skirt. I won’t admit to how many times I made myself seriously dizzy testing it’s limits (btw, its lot less fun as an adult, what’s up with that?)

If I’d had some more time my shirt would’ve been different, but this is the only one I found in my drawers that I liked with it. The ladies of my family loved it, and they’re tough to please. Mom even seemed shocked that I made it, the highest compliment a homemade garment can achieve. Why is that btw? We make things hoping people notice we made them, but we want them to look like they came from the store.

Anyway, existential angst over, on to the husbands raglan from hades. Not that I’ve finished it, but I did measure the neck opening (might have trimmed it a bit more too) so I can cut the neckband.

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