So the raglans still have no neckbands, I’m not quite sure what my malfunction is about finishing them. I have another whole raglan to go too for my mom, so I guess I better figure it out fast.

I did manage to get something done yesterday though, another Matey Muscle Tank by patterns for pirates. This time in adorable minions fabrics by Backstitch. Now he and uncle can match, kinda. Debating making leggings for his little sister, wouldn’t those be adorable??

Got a gorgeous shipment of fabric in the form of my monthly Bee Box from vinegar and honey fabrics. But I don’t think I’m supposed to post them yet. Allows time to make sure everyone gets their shipments. So far I live these monthly boxes, they’ve not let me down yet.

Also got some cute Disney Halloween fabric in yesterday. Debating making some cute leggings for my friends daughters, they’ll be down to Disney in October and it seems too perfect. It’ll be hard without measurements but I think I can make it work. My mother thinks shirts would be better, so we’ll see how that thought process works out. I’m not sure I love it for a shirt, it’s a little much for little girls. Maybe cute skirts…too many possibilities

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