Home away from home

This weekend finds my husband and myself at the property his family owns in northern Florida. Not the best for sewing time, but knitting time abounds. I mostly cook while we’re here, and when not cooking I knit and watch movies. There are worse ways to spend a weekend.

My situation on the way up, enjoying my knitting and some Guardians of the Galaxy. This is a Nouveau-ne by Stephanie Pearl McPhee, a sweet little sweater if ever there was one. I made one for my little niece last year, I never got to see her in it but it was precious. This one is for one of my husbands oldest friends who is going to be a daddy next year. I have several other things planned to sew as well, but it wasn’t worth dragging my machine around for a weekend trip. We’re coming back in November and I’m planning on bringing sewing with me then.

I finished this shirt on Friday, with the goal of wearing it on the drive up. Found the fabrics on a buy/sell/trade page on Facebook and knew what I wanted to do. Pattern is Blanc tshirt by blank slate patterns, it’s actually free when you buy a pattern from their site. Easy to sew and fits pretty well, I’ll probably knock a few more of these out in the future.

Anyway, off to tend the fire. Shoot, it’s only 87 outside, it’s getting downright chilly (WordPress needs a sarcasm font)

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