Sew Along

One of the many Facebook groups I belong to announced a sew along for a pattern I’ve been wanting to try. I knew I was off for the dates of it, so I figured I’d actually join one for once.

Day 1 was printing the pattern and cutting the pieces. The pattern is Maxaloones by Max and Meena patterns. I originally wanted to do a pair with the “bum circle ” as it’s known in the pattern, I figured if it didn’t work out I could just cut another front and still have a cute pair of baby pants.

Day 2 is today, where we sewed the bum circle and leg seams. My bum circle was a puckered disaster, so it got discarded. It’s more for cloth diapers anyway, and nobody I know uses cloth. There is a really adorable hack to make a Mickey Mouse silhouette on the butt, so I will be trying again at some point.

Tomorrow is attaching the waist and leg bands, the great thing about this pattern is that they grow in length with your kid, you just unfold the waist and leg bands until they’re fully extended. I almost finished them today just to see them done, but decided against it. They’ll make a cute addition to someone’s wardrobe.

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