Whew, it’s been a crazy few days around here. Irma could not make up her mind which way she wanted to go (I think she got lost on her way to Disney). Hubby and kitties had to bug out to his parents house, since I had to work I evacuated to my hospital. That was an interesting experience, but it feels like it’s made us a stronger group. Guess spending almost 2 days straight with your coworkers will do that, especially when most of your shift is sleeping in 1 room. My sewing machine and serger evacuated with hubby to the in laws too, I was so worried our huge oak wouldn’t weather the storm well. I had this horrible picture in my mind of branches crashing through my ceiling and water everywhere. Luckily that did not happen, and aside from no power everything is as we left it. Thank goodness for generators, hopefully we can at least keep the fridge/freezer cold enough. I leave you with some recent FO’s and some pictures from my hurricane experience (not of the actual storm, I was working and it was nighttime).

PS I swear my cat is ok in the above pictures, she usually likes to ride in the car but her brother hates it and she went with his attitude this time. The human driving didn’t enjoy it either.

PPS I messed up the bottom edging of that cream baby sweater because I apparently can’t read the very clear instructions in the pattern. Guess who gets to visit the frog pond as soon as I finish the current sleeve 🐸🐸

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