Catch my breath

Crazy times here, all I’ve been able to finish is another baby blanket.

I actually found this flannel at my super Walmart, it’s super soft (and super cute, but that goes without saying). Alas I have at least 3 more little nightgowns to finish, as well as needing buttons and ribbons for my knitted set.

Part of the reason sewing has been limited is because of the animal kingdom day trip we took last Friday. One of my husbands work buddies wanted to see the new avatar ride, and we were lucky enough to get fast passes. Which is rather like snaring a unicorn, exceptionally hard and unlikely to happen again for a while.

I’d give hubby a hard time for not wearing a custom shirt, but he only has the 1. He’s got so many T-shirt’s it’s hard to justify making him a ton just so we can match. Though I will confess to ordering some awesome custom stuff that has his name on it, but it’s a ways off. Hopefully enough time to start working through the stash I’ve accumulated (I know, I think it’s funny too).

Ah well, I leave you with a picture of Mickey being adorable, just because.

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