Busy Bee

I’m rather proud of myself, I actually spent most of my day off doing what I promised myself I’d do. Which means I had almost an entire day of sewing/sewing related activities.

First up, 2 finished Goodnight Gowns using the Doodles fabric from Joann. I’ve heard some negative things about this knit, and it has its challenges (like my machine thinks it’s delicious and loves to eat it). The shrinkage rumor was my main concern, as baby items typically get a lot of wash time, but hopefully I’ve combatted that by washing the fabric twice. The print really is just darling, and gender neutral. I’m getting the hang of sewing them too, which is good because I have at least 4 more planned out of this type of fabric.

Next is another fold n stitch wreath, I’m going to see if my sister in law likes them as much as her mom does. Her birthday is on Halloween so the urge to make her a Halloween themed one was almost overwhelming, but I restrained myself and went with generic fall instead. My other sister in law has one coming too, fall theme also but different fabrics. I managed to find some cute autumn leaf buttons for the ends, so hopefully they’ll work as well in reality as they do in my head.

I was making great time on this one until my thread broke. I thought my bobbin was out initially but when I looked it still had a fair bit left. I went to grab the end of spool to rethread and grabbed at…nothing. Apparently my spool had less on it than I thought it did, oops. Luckily Joann had a color that’s close enough to count and I can carry on as scheduled. Now if I can only figure out how to make my directional prints not be upside down, that’d be great.

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