Wreath Madness

My mother in law loves the fold n stitch wreath by poorhouse designs, I’m working on making sure she has one for every season, so she has Halloween, patriotic, and spring so far. Since she’s such a fan I thought it could be fun to try them on my sisters in law and see how they feel. Since their birthdays are so close (and soon) I went fall themed with theirs.

Here’s the first, I like this one a lot and almost don’t want to give it away. The main issue I had with this wreath was the iron on adhesive not wanting to stick. I thought I had the wrong stuff for a bit, but apparently the melty part has changed. Instead of bumpy backing it’s not smooth and shiny, I kind of miss the bumps. The new shiny version doesn’t seem to want to melt real well.

Here’s the second wreath, I’m pretty thrilled with how this one turned out too. Mostly I’m just glad I figured out the directional print thing, no more upside down fabrics for me! I ran out of thread about halfway through top stitching this one, the thread had been moms so I have no idea what color it was (or how old either). I got close enough with its replacement though, it’s a little more shiny but still looks nice.

I meant to sew so much more today, but as it turns out, these wreaths take about 3.5 hours from start to finish. I’m beginning to get a method down but it’s a lot of steps. Obviously the next step will be one for Mom in law for Christmas. And to top off the perfection, the designer has come out with a tree pattern too. Hopefully she’ll love those as much as the wreath.

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