Highly Productive

The smug is strong in me right now, I finished 4 things today. 2 tops and 2 pairs of leggings for my friends little girls. They’re coming down from Michigan to spend a week at Disney and I wanted the girls to have something special.

These are Leggings by Halla, this is the first time I’ve made this pattern and I’m pretty impressed. They went together with barely a hitch and are adorable. Now I just have to hope they fit.

These are La Bella Donna by love notions patterns. Again, super cute and went together quickly. I hate hemming so it was nice that this pattern has armbands instead of hems. Granted the neck line is hemmed instead of banded, but 2 hems is better than 3 I guess.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to throw something together for me, it’s just not a trip to Disney anymore without a custom shirt. I’m thinking I’ll do a Bella Donna for me too. Time will tell, I work all weekend so tomorrow is my last day to make myself something.

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