Every year my husband and father in law spend 9 days at a family property in northern FL to hunt. I usually try to tag along for the time away from the city (and things that go along with it). Usually I bring a ton of knitting, but this year I decided to bring my sewing machine and serger and get a jump on my Christmas sewing. I have a ton of projects I’d like to get accomplished, so far I’m underwhelmed with my progress.

It all started with Gracie helping me pack my fabric, this adorable print came right before we left, it felt like fate so it came with us.

My Ninja pants made their outdoor debut fireside. This pair didn’t go together very well and thus don’t fit very well. They fall down a lot, but my other pair are great. Clearly it’s operator error and not the pattern.

Here’s my set up in camp, the dining room table, my cutting mat (that I accidentally warped with the iron) and my iPad. I finished the Fold N Stitch Wreath for my mother in law, full photos to come tomorrow when I’ve glued the pretties on.

Here’s a sneak peek of the wreath. I’ve also started Fold N Stitch Trees, this seems to be a new pattern for this year. My mother in law is going to love these. I’ve gotten everything done by machine that is possible, now it’s on to the hand tacking.

Luckily this part can be done fireside, here’s one of the 6 pieces completed. I really hope she enjoys these, I can’t say I’ll be making many more of them, they seem finicky so far.

Mom walked me through how to trim my quilt, and helped me cut and sew them to make the binding. Over a year of stalling and it was a far easier than I thought it would be.

I have a long road ahead though, I’m barely 1/4 way around the entire thing. Guess if nothing else I’ll have a project for the drive home. Until next time, here’s a campfire.

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