Cold Front

Fall has come at last to our vacation retreat, it was only 55 when I got up this morning. And I don’t think it’s been over 70 all day, it’s been marvelous. Perfect day to stay in and sew (I say that when it’s hot out too). It’s also our last full day up here, so I kind of had to make hay so to speak.

Lets start with Agnes by Halla, I cut this out the other day but didn’t have enough of the solid fabric to do the arm/neck bands so it got put aside. While I was cutting the skirt out I figured, why not use scraps from the skirt for arm/neck bands. So I did, and I think it’s pretty darn cute. Twirly Girl Skirt for Women is next, obviously it’s made to go with the Agnes above (and it’s in the Agnes picture). I love these skirts, this is the second I’ve sewn and as much as I’m not a skirt person, I might make a few more of these for fun.

For my sweet little niece here are 2 pairs of Leggings, also by Halla (I’m sensing an accidental theme here). The Care Bears were bought to be leggings, the avengers fabric was just a scrap buster. And the avengers pair will complement her black widow shirt nicely.

2 pairs of Ninja Leggings completely finished (except for hemming, which I hate). I’m rather proud of both of these since I managed to sew the waistband on the right way, neither of my prints are upside down!

I can’t wait to wear both of these to Disney, it’ll be interesting to see if anyone thinks they’re by a popular leggings company. The smug is strong when you get to say that you made them yourself.

Last but not least is the project I wanted finished the worst but was the most afraid of. My blanket topper and coordinate by BackStitchFabrics. Everywhere online I was hearing how horrible minky can be to work with, so I was terrified to mess with it. But it was less messy than I was expecting and went together pretty quickly. It is one of my new favorite things I’ve ever made. The back of the blanket is as gorgeous as the front, and it’s all I can do not to lock it up when I’m not using it.

Here it is in action, it’s just barely cool enough to justify snuggling down on the couch with it. But I’m willing to suffer a little bit for my art.

The blanket is the last of the vacation projects sewn by machine, most of my supplies are packed up and ready to head home. I guess for the 3.5 hour ride I can work on my quilt binding 😭. Or finish tacking the points on my fold n stitch trees 😢. My fingers are just feeling normal again, but that’s why bandaids exist I suppose. I tried a thimble but it’s so awkward that I can’t make it work.

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