Comedy of Errors

Remember that outfit I made? With the skirt and the tank? I couldn’t figure out why I ran out of fabric when I was positive I had ordered plenty. Well, when I got home I found out what had happened.

This was the pairing I had ordered, apparently I just saw blue and grabbed it in my rush to pack.

This is what I made, luckily it still coordinates nicely. I think I’ll still make the other shirt, I need some more solid tops anyway. As much as I love Disney, I prefer not to wear it all of the time.

I love how I say that but I just got another shipment of mostly Disney fabrics. The Mickey faces will be leggings for me, Frozen will be a shirt for my little niecey poo for the Disney Christmas party we’re going to at the beginning of December. There’s an Avengers print for me to replace the shirt back I made a mess of, and an adorable ninja turtles panel and print too.

The cats seem glad we’re home, they’ve been extra clingy and wanting lots of snuggles.

I’ve been having too much fun with this clingy behavior, using it to my advantage to play with the new portrait modes on my phone. Believe it or not that is an unedited shot taken with my phone. I’ve been trying to get one of Jack with this setting but he’s too lovey. Every time I call his name to get his attention he comes to me for some loving.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get back to sewing, I have a ton of projects to finish, and even more to get started. I’m hoping to hem about 6 shirts and the circle skirt tomorrow (I hate hemming). Then I can reward myself by starting something new and cute, like more Mickey leggings!

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