Time Flies

When you’re crazy busy. These past 2 weeks have been insane. Schedule swaps, Disney trips, multiple sewing projects to finish, and a new toy has been added to my box.

Meet my new baby, the cricut explore air 2. It joined my crafting family last Wednesday and I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to play with it. And if that doesn’t show how nuts it’s been nothing will. Yesterday I managed to take it out of its box and register it on their site. I also grabbed a piece of cardstock and tried a sample cut.

Pretty darn cool eh? There are different mats for different types of materials and I think this one is too sticky for paper. It was a bear to get off, but it looks so pretty!!

And to prove I haven’t forsaken my beautiful fabrics, here is the shirt I made for my little niece, didn’t it just turn out cute?? We went to the Christmas party at Magic Kingdom and part of the fun is cookies and hot cocoa. So it was too perfect, as soon as I saw it I knew it was fated to be hers. I didn’t neglect myself either, I found these on a retail listing on the vintage lace site and snapped them up before they sold out. I may have accidentally cut the shirt off grain (ok, sideways) but luckily it’s 4 way stretch so it still fits. I really have to be more careful about checking my grain lines when I’m cutting projects that aren’t directional. This is the 2nd time that 4 way stretch has saved my booty.

I take my leave here, I have a sticker for my work clipboard to try to cut out and dinner to plan. See you all after sea world this weekend (told you it’s crazy busy around here)

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