Christmas is coming

Insert menacing music here. For most this time of year is a joyful celebration. But for most crafters this is the most stressful time of the year (song coming). What should I make? How many, and for whom? If you’ve been crafting for a while you start getting a rep, then the pressure is really on. How to top last year? All of the ladies in my family got casserole carriers last Christmas, and bowl cozies the year before that. The pressure is high to produce something good again.

Enter the curve ball, I have a new toy that I didn’t have last year. So what to do with my new cutting powers? The possibilities are truly endless, cute matching shirts, personalized bags, family sign. I can’t reveal my plan just yet, you never know who might stumble upon the site. Needless to say I’ve been spending a lot of time in design space playing with the perfect designs for everyone.

I’ve also been experimenting with ironing onto metal, I saw a tutorial and thought it was a neat idea. Works pretty well too, this cup is a one that I didn’t mind messing up if it didn’t work. It used to have a logo on it, but one Mickey shaped iron layer and bye bye logo.

Mickey had to be up higher than I wanted to get full coverage, so I’m going to put my name on it to cover some of the empty space. Grace of course had to make sure everything was up to standard. My little quality inspector.

Here’s the iron on used in the way it was originally intended, it was more challenging than with the cup. I had to press it several times to get it to stay stuck, particularly on the green shirt, the white shirt it stayed like a champ. Wonder if the different color glitter makes a difference. Either way, they’ll look adorable on my nephew and niece.

Last but not least is a bigger storage bag for my husband, his has just gotten too small for what he has to haul around with him. So he requested a new one and I made him pick out fabric for it. Apparently Mickey Mouse and the Rays are his ideal combo, whatever. I found a great tutorial for how to make a box bag any dimensions you want and it worked like a charm.

Alas my successes have come to an end and I must leave you, I end with a picture of socks in his natural habitat so I don’t get accused of favoritism.

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