1/2 of Christmas is done, had the first family gathering yesterday and was able to give the gifts I’ve been working so hard on.

There’s a 4th cup that says basketball Mom (like soccer Mom),but I didn’t get a picture of it. These insulated tumblers were prepared with rubbing alcohol and the decals were carefully positioned and my iron carefully applied. I emphasize carefully because it would be easy to do some serious damage with the iron if focus is lost.

Today was Christmas with my mother and her fiancé, we had a lovely dinner and I was able to give them this:

This second attempt turned out much better than the first. I think part of it has to do with the fact that I didn’t try to wax this one first. The decal had better opportunity to adhere without that thin layer. Glitter vinyl probably helped too, I think part of my problem with the regular vinyl is little air bubbles seem to get underneath when I peel the plastic off. Which made it look bizarre when I tried to re apply heat.

On to tomorrow (really later today I suppose) Christmas Eve and the 3rd of 4 family gatherings. Merry Christmas to all, hopefully I can get some sleep tonight.

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