Park Hop

Tomorrow we go to Disney with my mom and a good friend of ours. And we’ll be going in style, I sewed my booty off today to ensure this.

The fruits of my labors, this was a two birds, one stone situation. I joined a group on Facebook that’s doing a challenge to sew at least 1 thing every week, and now we all have cute matching shirts.

This shirt is the one I was counting as my weekly project, it’s a Men’s Henley by Patterns for pirates. It’s the same pattern I used for hubbys Christmas shirt, but the neckband bugged me, it was so puckered. So I ripped it off and started again, which was fun with serged seams let me tell you.

I think it was worth it, looks much better now. I used 1×1 ribbed knit instead of cotton Lycra, I’ll end up doing hubbys at some point, but his is ok for now.

For the ladies we have 2 Nancy Raglans by 5 out of 4 patterns. Epcot for me, Animal Kingdom for Mom, hopefully this one will work better for her, she didn’t love the way the medium fit.

Gracie of course had to quality check me, make sure I’m doing a good job. Jack tried but I chased him off because I really didn’t want black fur on them. Hopefully everyone will wear theirs tomorrow and we can get good pictures of them at magic kingdom.

One thought on “Park Hop

  1. These are adorable! We’ve been watching a Disney biography on Amazon and it’s making me really want to go (I haven’t been as an adult). Now I need to plan our clothes too. 🙂


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