We came, we saw…

We got our picture taken with the parks shirts on.

In order of opening no less, which was moms idea.

Mom actually liked this shirt which makes me happy. Especially because I have the panel from the original plan already cut out. If she didn’t like the fit I was going to be trying to squeeze into hers and make one for hubby.

I’m just glad it warmed up, it started in the high 40’s, which for us Florida natives is right on the edge of freezing. But it warmed up into the low 60’s so nobody cried too hard when it was picture time.

It’s been busy, busy, busy ever since so there hasn’t been a ton of time to post. Alas I don’t see that improving much, but I am planning on taking tomorrow to do my week 2 project for the weekly sewing challenge I joined on Facebook. This weeks theme is involving the last fabric you bought. Well, who knows what that actually is, so I’m going with last shipment that came, which is more Disney. I’m going to try color blocking, which will make it more interesting (especially if I mess it up).

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