Deep freeze

It has come, winter has arrived in my area of Florida. My county is under a freeze warning! The last time I remember this happening is 10 years ago (and I honestly don’t remember it, but that’s when my husband says it was). It’s cold enough out that I’ve tripled up on the bedding.

This is the fuzzy top layer of 3, down comforter, polka dot fleece blanket, then pink to the rescue! The cats have no idea what to do, I thought I’d be overrun with them, but so far they’re actually leaving me alone.

All but socks, seen here in one of his less clingy moments. Apparently socks has decided I’m cold, or he’s cold and I’m warmer than the blankets. Either way he’s decided that under cover(s) is the place to be. Which is mostly adorable, except that he only wants to stay for a few minutes, then he leaves, to want to come back again a after another few minutes. Hopefully he’ll temperature regulate and decide where he wants to stay the rest of the night so I can sleep.

So off to try to stay warm, hope everyone else is too. Tomorrow I get to try to figure out my challenge for the weekly sewing project. This week is something helpful for sewing, I’m not feeling the basket idea but so far it’s the only one I have.

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