Long time, no see

I wish I had a better reason for the radio silence, but I almost forgot that I was trying to post regularly. I’ve been fairly busy with my projects and have a little bit to show for it.

Up first is the laundry day tee, using the tank top cut lines. This was my sew something red project. It also fulfilled my need for a top to go with my boardwalk mickey pants.

The next weeks project I went off course and decided I wanted to try my hand at mickey ears. I think these are a tad small, so I enlarged the pattern to 105% and the next pair was a little better. I also bought some new headbands that I practiced covering with fabric. Burned myself pretty decently with the hot glue too. I grabbed some chopsticks the other day when we had Chinese though, so I’m going to try using them to apply pressure instead of my fingers.

This is where we leave the sewing arena, enter moms first sock. Completed in Perry last weekend and the second immediately cast on to avoid the dread Second Sock Syndrome. Pattern is the Shapely Secret Sock and is apparently the best fitting sock I’ve ever made for my mom. I made her a pair about a million years ago when I was first learning socks and she’s loved them ever since. So when she asked for more I was willing to provide them…except I had no idea what the pattern was. Enter Ravelry forum, within about 5 minutes I had a link to the pattern and had downloaded it.

Up next is another Auntie Tay idea from her YouTube channel. Using cricut to cut a stencil out of freezer paper, then spraying bleach (or paint, or glitter, or whatever you want) to make the design. This is my first attempt, and while it clearly isn’t perfect, but I kind of like how it turned out.

Second attempt was a reverse stencil, using the same mickey as the black shirt, but the inner part of the stencil. I like this look better, but mickey looks like he has an antenna instead of an ear. Guess my bleach got underneath in that area. I think I sprayed too heavily and the stencil got too wet.

Lest you worry that hubby got left out, here’s his Tampa Bay Rays logo. I applied lessons learned from my shirts and very lightly sprayed (pink shirt mistake) and just walked away. I also left the stencil larger (black shirt mistake) so I didn’t get as much of the shape of the actual paper. Big mistake on this one is the centering…or lack thereof. It seemed good when I started, but it’s very obviously to the left (when worn) and may bother me endlessly should he actually wear it. But this is why I practiced on inexpensive commercial shirts before trying it on something I’ve made myself.

Alas, that is the end of my adventures for the moment. Tomorrow is hopefully a trip to the biggest quilting store in the area to get fabric so I can make myself a bigger quilt for hunting camp.

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