Absence makes the heart …

Grow fonder, so the story goes. It’s been super busy around here, between my birthday, working and working some more something had to give. Alas my creating is what gave up the goat. I’m hoping to make up for it in this post, it’s gonna be a long one (fair warning now).

Lets start with the garden, usually I’ve got vegetables coming in now, but I got a seriously late start this year.

I decided to venture back into the realm of crochet. This scrubby yarn by red heart is seriously great, and I’m not typically a fan. It’s scrubby enough for tough stuff, small enough to get into tricky spots and fully washable. And as a bonus they take about 10 minutes each after you get them down. The downside to this yarn is seeing the stitches is near about impossible. But I can still pretty much crochet by feel, thank goodness for muscle memory.

I made my very first corned beef and cabbage. My husband doesn’t like it, so usually I only get to enjoy it when one of the moms has pity on me and shares the wealth. This year I decided that I was going to make it anyway, someone will eat with me. It’s turned out lovely, and was super easy using my pressure cooker.

My weekly sew a long project, it was supposed to be something green but I had this fabric from Joann and wanted to experiment with this pattern. I’ve been looking a way to recreate my favorite shirt and this is pretty darn close. It’s the Boheme Sky by striped swallow designs and has my favorite handkerchief style hemline. I made a 2X based on my measurements buts it’s too big, I’ve already printed the next size down and have a plan for the next. This pattern is neat because the top half is fully lined. No neckbands!

Last but not least are the shirts I threw together for our trip to Disney tomorrow. Hubby was giving me a hard time about wearing green, and I started joking about making shirts. Which turned into a reality, after running around to multiple stores searching for the perfect green shirts. And as a bonus I got to play with my new easy press. People always seem to knock it online, but so far I think it’s great. Huge surface area, timer so I don’t have to worry about counting in my head ( or my usual of not bothering at all). You can also set the actual temperature instead of guessing between cotton or silk.

So that’s it, long post following a long absence.

I leave you with the rare photo of Jack and Grace almost snuggled up together, you know it’s cold* when these 2 are allies in the bed.

*Florida cold that is, it’s been in the 50’s at night.

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