Hats off

Another week missed on the weekly challenge. Only by a couple of hours but it still put me out of the running. Funnily enough my project that barely missed the bus fits both last weeks and this weeks challenge. It’s both a pattern I owned that I’ve never sewn and a floral.

Meet my worst nightmare, also known as Sandcastle Hat by made by jacks mum. Not a pattern issue, mostly operator error, like while top stitching watch where both of your layers are. So you don’t accidentally sew the inner hat all to the brim while you do it. That…was fun to take out. But I was successful in the end, now I only have 3 more adult hats and one child’s hat to go.

This is the women’s small, and I’m glad I sized down because it’s a tad big, I had originally printed women’s medium.

This is the kid hat, it’ll be adorable if I can ever get it finished.

My supervisor approves wholeheartedly, though he did eventually get bored and went to bed without me.

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