The storm before the calm.

Let me start off by saying that I am weak, in terms of my work acquaintances asking for help. I am almost powerless and unable to say no (unless I have a real reason). Which is how I got signed up to work tonight. She was crafty and asked me directly instead of one of the mass texts (which I feel no guilt ignoring usually). I should have done the pros and cons a bit differently and included my crafting needs too instead of just considering my PTO usage. Now I’m 4 days out from a brief trip to Disney and still have at least 1 more bucket hat to make for sure. I’d love to get 2 shirts done, but I’m a little more realistic than that and acknowledge that it’s probably not gonna happen. But if you’re here it’s probably for pictures, so let’s get to what I Have finished so far.

I made another hat, almost identical to the first, which is why I put them both in the picture, proof there are actually 2. I’ve decided the next one I’m assembling my way as I think it’s neater.

This one is the Oliver S bucket hat and the pattern and directions I used can can be found here. This was the first ever bucket hat I made several years ago, and the largest size fit me fine, but this one is way too small. Don’t know if their sizing changed or if it’s because this is out of knits, but that should make it floppier not smaller, so I dunno. Guess my niece gets a cute hat.

Next we have group tees for my friends family, daddy and brother are the PPA and little sister is the princess. Unfortunately I underestimated and the shirt for daddy will probably be too small, but maybe uncle will wear it.

And since every princess needs protection against her step mom, mommy gets this shirt. Cool eh? I love the malificent and the dragon, I found the cut file in one of my Facebook groups and thought it was perfect! Unfortunately it sounds like this won’t fit mommy either, but they’re both going to try them on.

On to the shirts I know will fit, here are mine, my husbands (green) and my moms shirts for Flower and Garden festival on Friday. Mom knows she’s getting a shirt but doesn’t know what’s on it. And what none of them know is that this vinyl is supposed to glow in the dark! So it’s white, but it’ll be green too, like a plant, get it? It cracks me up every time I think about it, but I’m easily entertained. These were awful to weed, they’re so intricate, but they turned out so nicely it was worth it.

Kinda hard to see the details from that far back so here are the close ups of each design (mom and I match)

I leave you with a word of caution regarding blade changes. The cricut blades that say they’re “universal” aren’t. So always test cut before you ruin almost an entire roll of htv the way I did. It took me 5 tries (on test pieces after the 2nd full cut through) to get it right. I had to cut it on the paper setting, and it still cut through in places. I ordered new blades off of amazon and haven’t had any trouble since. Heed my warning, save your vinyl.

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