It is time

Almost. Today is the first of the trips to Orlando, just for the day to go to the McDonalds worldwide conference. Obviously I’m not an employee, but hubby is, and sometimes being the wife has perks. Today is the day where they allow more employees than the ones who bought passes for the whole thing to go on the expo floor for a few hours and see what’s around. They also have food set up from around the world, so I’m planning to try the goat cheese burger from Spain and the dinosaur McFlurry from Singapore.

But it’s an hour + drive, so to keep me busy in the meantime I have the I Spy quilt binding to finish. Almost 1/4 done, but I started on a short side so I can’t be too cocky about speedy sewing.

Yesterday I got this bad boy done, I had found the hat at Target in the dollar spot and knew it had to be mine. But I also knew I wanted to put something on it, but what. I had been lurking around one the sites I like for files and someone had uploaded these autographs. It was love at first sight, but there was no Mickey or Minnie, and that just won’t do. So I managed to find their autographs online and put them into design space, and the rest is history.

Also made yet another bucket hat, this one is adult size, out of knit. And it’s surprisingly comfy, I was worried it was going to be too floppy, but it’s not at all. Now I just have to protect it from the ladies in my group that will want to steal it from me (Mom, looking at you).

I went rogue with the pattern directions and chose to fully assemble each hat, then put them right sides together and sew the brims, leaving an opening for turning. Makes it so much easier, at least I think it does. And I think it makes for a cleaner looking hat, no stitching lines showing because your allowance isn’t exactly spot on. The brim can be a little challenging, especially with knit, it likes to stretch and buckle a little. But you can hardly tell on the finished product.

I leave you with a picture of my glorious zucchini plant (yes, they’re yellow zucchini, I grow purple green beans too). Hoping for a productive year of zucchini, I have had bad luck growing them in the past.

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