It is done

As much as I love taking a few days and heading to the happiest (busiest) place on Earth, it’s always nice to come home. Until I try to go to bed and the cats must express how much they’ve missed the humans. But anyway, on to the fun stuff.

Day 1, Epcot flower and garden festival. Mom and I were accidental twins, I made matching hats and shirts on purpose, but the white shorts were just weird family esp I guess. Our middle fast pass got delayed so we were offered a list of replacements, character spot here we come. It’s not often we do character pictures but it’s always fun.

On to magic kingdom, where I only have this picture to show. That was the day for the kids, so I only have pics of the them. Since they’re not mine, I’m not going to share their stuff. But this one is fair game, since he’s modeling my hat in such an anonymous fashion. It was still a fun day, the youngest loved the parade, and the few rides we managed to get on (Saturday is a busy day at MK for the record).

On to the Animal Kingdom, which was celebrating its 20th anniversary (which makes me feel so old). This was the day we were concerned about our rain chances, but it was for naught, it spit for maybe 5 minutes and was clear the rest of the day. Mom and I twinsied it again, semi on purpose, I knew she planned to backstitch it and decided to do the same. I was expecting epic crowds, especially when the parking lots were jammed. But it really wasn’t that bad, and the temperature wasn’t center of the sun hot, so we had quite a pleasant day.

Yesterday was Epcot again, and once again mostly child focused. We had a nice lunch at harvest grill, where I had half of my lunch “airplaned” to me by my niece. Her mom and I were using the technique on her to get her to try things, and she liked it so much she adopted it towards me. You haven’t lived until an almost 2 year old moves your fork around and makes airplane noises to try and feed you.

So here we end, with a picture of the completed quilt. I finished it on the drive to Disney and my fingers have just started to recover. I hate hand binding, but it looks so nice that I do it anyway.

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