There’s a kind of hush…

Hopefully you can finish the end of the line, I had the pleasure of seeing Peter Noone in concert today. He performs every year at Epcot flower and garden and he’s a hoot every year.

As per usual the sock of the hour got to watch the show too. I’m trying to get these finished soon for Mom, about 1/4″ and I can start the toe decreases. But as anyone who knits can tell you, that last 1/4″ takes 10x longer than the whole sock. You can knit 15 rounds, measure, and still be short. But tread carefully, that 16th round will make it over the measurement you were striving for.

Since today was May 4th I threw together some shirts for the 3 of us. I love hubbys the best, but it was Darth Mickey that got all of the attention.

I will definitely be making more of the Wookiee shirts in the near future, it’s the perfect blending of Star Wars and Big Bang theory, it’s the geekdom trifecta. I’m actually fighting myself not to slap it on absolutely everything I possibly can, he’s just so cute!

I had planned on using this file I had made, but decided I wanted a more neutral shirt so I can wear it again. So poor R2 got left behind, sorry buddy. Maybe next year.

May the 4th be with you! Have a great weekend (I have the pleasure of working).

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