Nurses Rule

I believe I’ve mentioned in the past that I am a nurse. And not just a nurse, but a third generation nurse. I’ve had many specialties in my (fairly short) career, ranging from Mom/baby to geriatric and now behavioral health (aka psych). Each has helped me learn valuable skills, from managing my time, to putting out fires, to learning names and purposes of a wide variety of medications. I wanted to make myself something to express my pride in my chosen career, but still be funny, as I think you have to maintain a sense of humor to survive.

I saw this on Facebook and thought it was perfect! All I needed was some printed vinyl and a plain t shirt. I found the vinyl on SparkleBerry and fell in love. Unfortunately my phone auto filled the address wrong, and my package got lost. Luckily the address that is wrong apparently does exist so the post office held my package and I was able to pick it up. And I barely got home before tearing into the thing to play. it took a while to arrange, each color was cut separately and had to be placed individually. I have no eye for straight lines, and could only hope that they were at least close enough. Next one that gets made will have 1 color of text. And I foresee that there will be more of them.

I also finished moms New Zealand socks last night. I was already almost at the toe, so I put the major burn on them and got them finished while we were visiting her yesterday. Just in time for her cruise to Alaska.

And they fit like a dream, thank goodness. Pattern is Shapely secret socks and it’s moms favorite. Though apparently she loves to fold down my gorgeous cuffs, which we shall not speak of again.

Jack has decided that I’ve crafted enough and am now cut off from my easy press.

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