Mother’s Day

Late, but still… The thought is there, I just haven’t seen Mom. I had planned on making her a topiary, but I kind of lost steam. Then when I found the correct stuff to fill it the weather decided to play with me. It rained for 2 days straight, then I had to work. So I finally had time today, to realize that sculpture is not my forte.

Considering my skill set I think he turned out ok. But I know what it’s supposed to be, which is a bit of an unfair advantage

Here’s the backup present I had planned, she’s getting it all. This is the Mother’s Day to end all Mother’s Days (late and all). I’ve just decided to cheat a bit and give her the topiary frame and bag of moss and let her go for it herself. She’s much more artistic than I am. Hopefully hers will look less Groot like, which is the general consensus I’m getting on Facebook.

Here’s what the framed piece says up close, she saved it on Facebook, so I decided to put it together for her. I assume she’ll bring it to work, because she doesn’t really have wall space for it at home. Hopefully she likes it. Fingers crossed.

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