Catch Your Breath

What a couple of weeks it’s been, feel like I’ve just been going non stop. Luckily some of that go has been in the direction of my sewing machine and serger. My poor beloved sewing equipment has been very neglected of late. But I have corrected the deficit in a pretty big way.

I decided to jump back in with 2 pairs of Ninjas, my favorite legging pattern. I found both fabrics in a b/s/t page on Facebook and it was love at first sight.

Next up was a shirt to go with the leggings, I ordered some solids that I thought would go nicely with my prints from and luckily they came at the perfect time. I wanted to check fit though, since I was planning on making a new pattern. The muslin did not go well. Number 1, it was enormous, huge, tent like. Number 2, I majorly messed up my neckband. Not a biggie, that’s what’s muslins are for. Size down and we should be good to go, unless your fabric is just about 3 inches too short…

Luckily only 1 of the 2 was cut a bit short, and I was able to get my tank cut successfully out of the other.

Meet one of my new favorite tips, the All Seasons tank by Pickle Toes Patterns. This is the tunic length and it will go perfectly with all 3 pairs of my new leggings (uh yeah, there’s another pair that I didn’t get a picture of). I’ll confess that I don’t recall the fabric content, but it’s got great drape and hand, it also breathes nicely. I have the same fabric in a light purple that I can’t fit another tunic piece into, despite having ordered 2 yards of both, so purple is going to turn into shirt length and then I should be good to go. At first I thought I messed up the fabric direction (again) but I triple checked before I cut. My only other guess is that I got shorted a bit when it was cut.

Another new pattern, and technique for this week was Boxerwear briefs by Stitch Upon A Time.

Made for hubby as an experiment out of the creepy Aladdin fabric that nobody seems to want (including me honestly). I got it in a mystery pack and it’s the first time I haven’t absolutely loved what I got from backstitch. He’s got rather mixed feelings about them, so much so that he’s asked I hold off on another pair until he decides if he likes them. But I have a cute knit remnant from Joann that would be cool as these, so we’ll see if I listen.

Up next is a pair of undies for me to see how they stack up against my commercial brand. There may or may not be pictures of these, we shall see.

That’s all for this post, I leave you with a beautiful picture of forget me nots my mom took while on her Alaskan cruise last week.

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