Branching out

Let me start with my apologies, I’ve got a cold that’s driving me to my knees. I don’t know why summer colds are always worse, but they are. It hasn’t limited my crafting too much, I finished 2 new tops.

One for me, and because there was enough left over, one for Abby.

Mine is still another All Seasons, in a size 12 I believe. If I made it with less forgiving fabric I would probably size up.

And here is Abby’s second Lil LDT as a tank. She loved it when I gave it to her yesterday. Maybe not as much as Minnie, but close. Her big brother gets the next shirt, so no worries about favoritism.

Today’s project is something completely different, no sewing, no knitting.

Today’s project is…you guessed it, lip balm. This cold has my nose and lips chapped beyond belief, and I was tired of using chemical filled chapstick to attempt to moisturize. I used This recipe on Pinterest for my first attempt. Lavender mint, and so far it smells so good!

I have some great tees and tanks planned for later, so stay tuned.

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