And So It Begins

I stumbled upon the most amazing tutorial for a sewn rug made from 2.5″ strips (basically from a jelly roll) about a week ago. I thought, “I can do that, where’s the pattern”. I figured I have at least 2 jelly rolls somewhere, plenty of batting, what could go wrong. Fast forward to me digging through my stash dresser for a jelly roll that apparently got used up a long time ago. Oops, oh well, amazon to the rescue (thank you prime!).

This is the Feed Sacks True Blue by Linzee Kull McCray. Super pretty blues with a nice pop of red that I think will look amazing in my kitchen.

It began with bias sewing every single strip together to make one enormous length. This part wasn’t too bad, maybe 30 minutes start to finish. Then on to trimming and pressing, a bit of a daunting task at the time.

Little did I know that the fast, easy part was done. Next was making my enormous sausage roll with my bias tape and lots and lots of batting. Since I was trying to use some of the resources I already had I didn’t buy the pre cut batting, though it does apparently exist.

Thank goodness for my Accuquilt and a 2.5″ strip die. Took about 10 minutes to cut apart a wall hanging sized batting into nice, neat 2.5″ strips. Unfortunately one was not enough, took probably a twin sized batting total to fill my entire tape.

Here’s my filling station, laying batting on the strip, folding both edges toward the center and clipping into place. This was the most tedious thing I think I’ve ever done, and so far has taken the longest.

Luckily I had a “helper”, she would probably say “supervisor “.

Here we are mostly stuffed, isn’t that fabric gorgeous? I love these colors so much, I’m hoping it’s as perfect in my kitchen as it is here.

Then comes the second sewing, the closing of the worlds longest hot dog strip. This takes longer than forever, you don’t really realize how long 42, 42″ strips really are until you have to sew it all in one long, straight line. It looks so good though, it’s all I can do to not hug it’s messy, tangly self to me.

The third sewing has yet to come, I was kind of hoping I could be motivated to start today. But it was a stressful weekend at work and so far my brain is just not ready to handle this workload. But it will begin shortly.

So to distract you from my pitiful lack of follow through, I leave you with a cat picture and a link to the rug pattern; Jelly Roll Rug

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