I was so afraid to sew up my rug that I was coming up with reasons to procrastinate. But pretty soon the cats had enough of me, there weren’t any dishes and I couldn’t think of anything else to cook (I could’ve cleaned the house, but I wasn’t That afraid).

The time had come, the first strip was pretty easy. But it’s really easy to fold the thing and sew a straight line, I can do that. The part I was afraid of was the first few tight corners.

And they are a challenge, you can see how they’re puckering up here. My biggest challenge was keeping the stitch going into both sides, for the whole thing but especially in the beginning.

Luckily a hot iron and a ton of spray help a lot to flatten things back out. And the thing grows fast! You start out with this little oval and quickly it grows into…

This beast of a thing that is quite heavy and bulky. But it’s so interesting watching the pattern develop (this is the same reason I love self striping yarn btw).

You just keep on folding it around and pushing it through, until you get here…the last few feet. Insert mixed sigh of relief and disappointment that it’s over. The directions call for the end to be tapered, but I’m lazy and trying to fold the raw edges in on themselves looked like a lot of work. So I said forget it and just tucked the end under like I had seen in one of my tutorials.

Worked like a charm, you can’t hardly tell where it stops. I’m so in love I’m working hard to ask people to not step on it, especially with shoes on. The other day I caught myself straddling it because I had shoes on and didn’t want it to get dirty. Of course it’s completely washable, but no one said I was reasonable. Now I’m debating who else needs rugs, and how would a smaller rectangle one look in front of my door (would never work, that mat Will get dirty).

Assistant credit goes to Gracie, from assembling the strips to sewing the rug, she was there.

Today’s goal was to get this decal ironed onto a shirt. Problem was that I hated the cheap shirt I bought at Walmart last night, it’s too tight and I just hated the fit. Then I thought about having some cheap Walmart knit fabric laying around and decided that I would just make my own.

Just in time for the rays game (we lost). It’s yet another all seasons tank, shirt length. Mom admired it, so she’ll probably get one too. I’m curious to see how a panel will fit with this pattern, I’d love to have some custom tanks with my many panels. Time will tell, I might mess around a bit tomorrow.

I leave you with Jack, who basically thinks that sewing machines are scary and steal his lap snuggle time.

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