No Excuses

I almost kind of forgot I had a blog to be honest. I’ve been sewing and crafting up a storm though, so let’s jump right on in. I’ll try to go oldest to newest if I can keep track.

Starting here, with an Easy Tee by 5 out of 4 patterns.

I had some difficulties with neck and arm bands, I’ve been debating ripping and trying again to see if I can get them better fitted. So far though my motivation to do it has been minimal, time will tell I guess

Next up for hubby is a Nancy Raglan by 5 out of 4 that I put together because I knew the tunic length was long enough to catch most of my panel.

And this panel is just too cute to have most of it get chopped off. Unfortunately I had some server tension issues that I didn’t notice at the time, hopefully it stays put together. But I love it and have worn it a couple of times already.

Hubby got some sewing love too, a Rocky Tee by…5 out of 4 patterns (starting to sound sponsored aren’t I? I’m not, I just like their stuff)

I think I’ve mentioned his shirt before but he finally wore it!

A pic of the glorious back fabrics, I love them both but the snacks just push me over the edge.

Next up are the bags I customized for our Halloween party experience (if we decide to go, which we probably will). It was difficult to get a pic of them all together so here they are as individuals.

There are 2 Minnie Mouse spiderwebs, one for me and one for mom. Mickey and Minnie spiderweb files and the dripping Halloween file came from Etsy. Mickey pumpkin and Frankenstein came from Auntie Tay as part of the files available to her Patrons. I’m planning on using them for the Not So Scary Halloween Party st Disney (assuming we decide to go.)

Last but not least, a Safari tank by pickletoes patterns for Aiden.

Found this while I was digging around in the stash and found the pattern pretty much the same way. Decided it was kidney and went for it. At least I seem to have gotten my neck/armband mojo back a little. Now to do one with a cute ruffle for his little sister, I’m pretty sure I’ll have enough.

I think that’s about it, I did test a pattern for (you guessed it,) 5 out of 4 but I’ll give that its own post soon.

And as always, ending with a cat photo. I actually got Jack to sit still long enough to get a halfway decent one this morning.

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