Testing, 1,2,3…

It finally happened! I was chosen to act as a tester for a new pattern by 5 out of 4. It was so much fun being one of the first people to get to try it out.

Pattern is Eleanor by 5 out of 4 patterns. And bonus! It’s on sale through Sunday October 7th!!

I made my muslin out of an unknown sweater knit that I found while I was digging around in the stash canopy. My serger was having issues with tension so it was all sewing machine for this version. The lightweight fabric and my machine did not get along, but I adore the finished product and have been wearing it at work pretty much every shift I’m there (I swear my sleeves aren’t uneven, it’s just super drapey fabric)

My second (and final) version was made with another mystery mid-light weight sweater knit. This time my serger performed beautifully and the sweater was just as perfect to assemble the second time around. All in all a highly enjoyable experience, and I have a feeling I’ll be making many more of these for some of the women in my family. Ok, and maybe some for myself too.

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