Happy Haunts

A while back I was browsing in Michael’s and found a cute three tiered sign. I knew I wanted to make a fun Halloween sign, even getting the perfect colors of paint. And then it sat, and sat, and sat. Until today, when I decided it was time, before my Halloween sign turned into a Christmas sign.

This is the best stencil attempt I’ve had yet, the last time I tried this technique it bled everywhere. The foolish board near about killed me, I had to re cut the whole word because it was too big for the board. But I’m still thrilled with how it turned out, and immediately hung it outside on my hanger thingy I got from my sister in law last Christmas.

It’s a good thing I had some success with the sign, because my other crafting attempts have gone awfully tonight. I’m trying to make my sister in laws birthday present and the piece is not going well. To the point where I’m going to have to start some of it over.

I gave up for the night, and thus leave you with my favorite sewing helper.

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