Happy December

Wow, been a long time. Oops. A lot has been going on, it’s been super busy and I’m barely staying afloat. So buckle up, it’s gonna be a long one.

Lets start with my first hot mess canvas. I know what you’re thinking, “but Ashley, it doesn’t look messy (too messy anyway).” Maybe not when it’s finished, but underneath it looks like this:

Hot mess indeed. I went a bit rogue with my technique here, painted the whole canvas dark blue. Then I painted on my dabs of other colors, it worked very well actually.

Around this same time I got a lot of cricuting done towards Christmas, so I can’t really show much. Not that anyone reads anyway, but it would be my luck.

So instead you get the cute shirt I put together for my niece.

And her little dress, the dark around the decal fades, it’s just from pressing. That holographic vinyl near about kills me every time. Doesn’t want to stick to anything!

And of course I needed a new sign for outside, doesn’t my model just look Thrilled? I think I’m finally getting the hang of this stenciling thing. Now that I say that, the next one will be a disaster of course.

We had a last minute invite to go to the Very Merry Christmas party with a friend of ours, how do you say no to that? So I recycled last years shirt (this years wasn’t ready yet) and away we went. It was a lot of fun, kind of a dress rehearsal for our party we already had tickets for. Which needed cool shirts, of course. Red is hubbys, I found his on a site I’m a member of. Green is for our family friend that went with us. His was inspired by Pinterest but designed by moi. I’m particularly proud of the ears on the “a”, they turned out super cute. Snowflakes were on the site I found hubbys file.

And of course I had to make myself a new shirt. Luckily I had preordered this fabric (and completely forgot, if we’re being honest) because I didn’t get any other Christmas customs. Pattern is Classic Tee by Love Notions, I did the full bust version and boy was I glad I did.

Hubby benefited from scraps, new pair of Boxerwear by stitch upon a time. At last, something I can make him that he wears a lot.

I got a new pair of underwear too, Bunzies by stitch upon a time. As a bonus I used up the last of the freaky Aladdin print I got in a mystery box.

We had a blast at the party, it was a little more crowded than the first time but still fun. It was also cooler, which was a nice reminder that winter does still come here.

I think that’s about it, finally all caught up. Catch you on the flip side, I’ll post pictures of Christmas crafting once they’re safe with their recipient.

2 thoughts on “Happy December

  1. I love your Christmas things! Very cute! I totally want to rip off the “meowy” sign idea for our house next year!

    I am excited to try the scrundies pattern and had no idea they had boxers! I need to check that out next!


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