Bad Blogger

I’ve been very negligent, I can’t even remember the last time I posted anything. I have at least been sewing, and knitting (and maybe debating dipping my toe into the custom tumbler pool, shh).

We went on a cruise, 11 days, 7 stops, all fun.

And I’m pretty darn proud of myself that I made a fair few of my outfits for this trip, including my bathing suits (no pictures, you’re welcome).

Once we got home I made yet another pair of leggings (that I need to fix the waistband on) and another raglan.

And hubby got a shirt out of the deal too, not home sewn but still technically made by me.

Cute shirt for Abby, of course her 2 year old reaction was “No!” I don’t take it personally, she liked it a few minutes later (I think).

Then the great bag experiment began, I’ll do a more in depth exploration later, this is the Summit Pack by cloudsplitter bags. In my beloved silhouettes by BackStitchFabrics that I got in a mystery pack.

This is the Park Sling by Sew Sweetness, in a fabric I found in a buy/sell/trade on Facebook.

Ok, that’s about as caught up as we’re gonna get in 1 post. I’ll try to not wait 3 months to post again so the next one won’t be the novel this post is.

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