Wish us luck

So today is a big step for my husband and I, today we go to Disney accompanied by a 2 year old for the first time. Obviously we’ve been with the kids many times, but their parents have always been with us. This time we are unaccompanied, our first attempt at maintaining a toddler by ourselves. Call it parenting lite.

In preparation for the big day I’ve been sewing like a fiend.

All of this for 3 days and 2 nights away. Poor hubby only got the 1 shirt, but little miss scored big time with 3 rompers.

I started with a faux family set of figment themed items. Figured if hubs and I were going to coordinate it was wrong to not include little madam.

And once I started with the rompers I just couldn’t stop, I had to make use of my backstitch box prints for one.

And then I figured that since she had one for 2 of the days, she might as well have one for all 3. So deep into the stash I dug to find the perfect fabric;

And Moana won hands down. Pattern is the Recess Romper by petite stitchery and was super easy to put together (once I actually paid attention to the way things were supposed to be sewn and ripped the seams that sewed the legs shut 🙄). Bestie doesn’t know about these outfits so it’ll be a fun surprise to send her pics of little miss in outfits she’s pretty sure she didn’t pack.

Here’s a closer shot of the imagination romper by itself. I’m so in love with this fabric, it physically hurt to cut into it. I saved enough to make myself a backpack out of it, and if I’d had more time I would’ve tried to get it done for this trip. But I was cutting it close as it was, but it’ll be ready for next time.

I also threw together 2 reverse canvases for a couple of my moms coworkers who are retiring. Originally I was going to design something, but time was running short and I found something great online.

They turned out great, and I have to give a shoutout to hubs for pulling all of the staples while I was at work. And for helping with the stapling when I was finished. Hoping the 2 ladies loved them and enjoy their new free time.

Last but not least, I leave you with some random pictures from the last month (or so).

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