So it’s happened again, I was lucky enough to be chosen to help with testing for a new pattern. I love being able to help designers work out the kinks in their new patterns. As a bonus it’s one of my favorite styles, the handkerchief hem. So enough talking, let’s introduce you to:

Priscilla by Mama Can Do It (affiliate link). A handkerchief hem style shirt that comes in a range of sizes, from infant all the way to plus. It’s a quick, easy sew and has all of the sleeve options from tank to long sleeved. And for an added bonus, it’s basically one piece pattern wise. Cut out the back, then just trim out the neckline according to the directions and voila! You now have a front piece, no extra paper required. Save that piece and tape it in place to reassemble for the next one (you’re gonna want more than 1).

From start to finish (including printing and cutting) I don’t think the entire thing took me over an hour. And I foresee many more of these (maybe a sleeved one next time) for me, my mom, and my nieces in the future.

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