Bread Basics

I’ve always enjoyed baking, from cookies as a child to cakes and breads as an adult. Lately with all of this new found free time I decided to branch out into sourdough.

The start of a starter

And thus, Startzilla was born. Daily feedings have finally really gotten her going, and despite her not being ready to leaven bread, she is very useful for other things.

Cinnamon sourdough coffee cake

Like coffee cake from scratch, an excellent use of discarded starter. It’s beautifully moist and tangy, with that lovely cinnamon crumble top. Not the easiest recipe to put together but it’s well worth the effort.

Today was a more bread like attempt, sourdough English muffins. I got 10 from my dough recipe but 4 of them burned horribly during cooking (underestimated the heat of the pan). Now I know next time to go with my gut and not just blindly follow the recipe. Can’t wait to have one of these for breakfast tomorrow. A labor of love, but I have a feeling they’ll be worth it, and really not that hard. Just need to plan ahead because they ferment overnight.

Baby mine sweater

And fear not that I’ve turned to the dark side and away from the sewing and knitting. Here’s a baby mine sweater by Stephanie Pearl McPhee that I’ve recently finished. Yeah it might have originally been slated for a niece (who is now 3) but it’s finally done and ready for blocking and buttons.

I’ve also been sewing masks like a crazy person. I’ve lost count, but I’m in the hundreds for sure with a huge pile still to go. I wish I could say I saw the end of the need, but alas it seems we will need them for a while yet. So I carry on, at least I’ve got a pretty decent system going now.

Jack Jack atop his throne

The cats are just ready for their people to go back about their business as usual so they can start having cat parties again. Soon guys, soon.

So that’s it for now, hopefully my sourdough starter will be active enough for bread soon, and in the meantime, waffles are my next starter experiment.

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