Bread Basics

I’ve always enjoyed baking, from cookies as a child to cakes and breads as an adult. Lately with all of this new found free time I decided to branch out into sourdough.

The start of a starter

And thus, Startzilla was born. Daily feedings have finally really gotten her going, and despite her not being ready to leaven bread, she is very useful for other things.

Cinnamon sourdough coffee cake

Like coffee cake from scratch, an excellent use of discarded starter. It’s beautifully moist and tangy, with that lovely cinnamon crumble top. Not the easiest recipe to put together but it’s well worth the effort.

Today was a more bread like attempt, sourdough English muffins. I got 10 from my dough recipe but 4 of them burned horribly during cooking (underestimated the heat of the pan). Now I know next time to go with my gut and not just blindly follow the recipe. Can’t wait to have one of these for breakfast tomorrow. A labor of love, but I have a feeling they’ll be worth it, and really not that hard. Just need to plan ahead because they ferment overnight.

Baby mine sweater

And fear not that I’ve turned to the dark side and away from the sewing and knitting. Here’s a baby mine sweater by Stephanie Pearl McPhee that I’ve recently finished. Yeah it might have originally been slated for a niece (who is now 3) but it’s finally done and ready for blocking and buttons.

I’ve also been sewing masks like a crazy person. I’ve lost count, but I’m in the hundreds for sure with a huge pile still to go. I wish I could say I saw the end of the need, but alas it seems we will need them for a while yet. So I carry on, at least I’ve got a pretty decent system going now.

Jack Jack atop his throne

The cats are just ready for their people to go back about their business as usual so they can start having cat parties again. Soon guys, soon.

So that’s it for now, hopefully my sourdough starter will be active enough for bread soon, and in the meantime, waffles are my next starter experiment.

Back In The Saddle

After finishing Christmas presents I lost my sewjo, not quite sure where it disappeared to. Today I seem to have found it again, for it has been a rather productive day so far.

I cut out my border strips, with help of course.

Attached them to my quilt (sensing a theme with my helper yet?)

And voila! Finished front of quilt at long last.

Pattern is Jellyroll Race, fabric is a Sweet Tea jelly roll by Moda. Border fabric is from a cool fabric store in Missouri.

Next week it’ll go off to the quilters and I’ll be waiting for it anxiously to come home. So I can procrastinate on binding it for forever, like I did on bordering it.

This is the next one to finish, was going to leave it plain but its sibling looks so nice. My gut said it needs a border, and my quilting guru (aka mom) agreed. So off to find a nice coordinate I go.

New Year

Ok, so it’s not the new year yet, but I figure it’s close enough at this point. My goal for next year is to remember my blog and try to post more (even though I’m not actually sure I have readers). It’s been pretty crazy the past couple of months, a quick pictorial overview;

As you can see, it’s been a busy few months, I got a new bread maker, gained a new cousin in law, got to visit my family in MO (where it snowed, reminding me of how little I miss snow). Sewed 3 scrub tops, 7 paladin pouches, 4 Bellevue pouches, 2 jelly roll race quilt tops, a Bellamy nightie, Alice in wonderland costume, 2 t shirts, and tested a dress for peek a boo patterns. This week alone my husband and I rocked the Christmas cookie, making 7 kinds of cookies for friends and family, from the classics of gingerbread and chocolate chip to chocolate m&ms and peanut butter thumbprint. I partook in a bag swap that was so much fun I can’t wait for the next one.

So here’s to the end of 2019, may 2020 be a happy and productive year for all.


Level: Master. I’m supposed to be sewing for our upcoming Disney trip, I’m also supposed to be working on a htv shirt for hubby. So what am I doing?

Mom found a great little yarn shop in her travels, the price of her finds is a pair of socks in her favorite pattern. Shapely Secret Socks, I found a hard copy of it many years ago and she fell in love. Recently she asked for another pair, but I didn’t remember which pattern I had used. Ravelry came to the rescue luckily and even more luckily it’s a digital download now.

So what am I so actively avoiding you ask?

Meet my own personal disaster project, also known as the Sea Breeze Top by max and meena. Nothing to do with the actual pattern, which is lovely and no issue whatsoever. My machine doesn’t seem to love this fabric (which is a shame because I do), and is either trying to eat it or reject it every chance it gets. I’m actually super close to being finished, but my machine is being such a booger about this fabric that I’m gun-shy to keep going. It’s been in time out since last night, maybe it’s long enough?

Luckily the leggings that go with the shirt are finished and went without a hitch.

3 guesses where I’ll be for the 4th, and the first 2 don’t count. It’s the last year for patriotic illuminations, so we’re going to Epcot to spend the 4th. It’s going to be a fun couple of days, and obviously I have to have some awesome new makes. I was going to try for another park sling bag, but I don’t know if I’m going to have time. Guess we’ll find out.

Socks looks about as motivated as I feel, but I’m gonna have to get moving or I’m going to miss my chance to be cute and comfy at Disney.


So it’s happened again, I was lucky enough to be chosen to help with testing for a new pattern. I love being able to help designers work out the kinks in their new patterns. As a bonus it’s one of my favorite styles, the handkerchief hem. So enough talking, let’s introduce you to:

Priscilla by Mama Can Do It (affiliate link). A handkerchief hem style shirt that comes in a range of sizes, from infant all the way to plus. It’s a quick, easy sew and has all of the sleeve options from tank to long sleeved. And for an added bonus, it’s basically one piece pattern wise. Cut out the back, then just trim out the neckline according to the directions and voila! You now have a front piece, no extra paper required. Save that piece and tape it in place to reassemble for the next one (you’re gonna want more than 1).

From start to finish (including printing and cutting) I don’t think the entire thing took me over an hour. And I foresee many more of these (maybe a sleeved one next time) for me, my mom, and my nieces in the future.

Wish us luck

So today is a big step for my husband and I, today we go to Disney accompanied by a 2 year old for the first time. Obviously we’ve been with the kids many times, but their parents have always been with us. This time we are unaccompanied, our first attempt at maintaining a toddler by ourselves. Call it parenting lite.

In preparation for the big day I’ve been sewing like a fiend.

All of this for 3 days and 2 nights away. Poor hubby only got the 1 shirt, but little miss scored big time with 3 rompers.

I started with a faux family set of figment themed items. Figured if hubs and I were going to coordinate it was wrong to not include little madam.

And once I started with the rompers I just couldn’t stop, I had to make use of my backstitch box prints for one.

And then I figured that since she had one for 2 of the days, she might as well have one for all 3. So deep into the stash I dug to find the perfect fabric;

And Moana won hands down. Pattern is the Recess Romper by petite stitchery and was super easy to put together (once I actually paid attention to the way things were supposed to be sewn and ripped the seams that sewed the legs shut 🙄). Bestie doesn’t know about these outfits so it’ll be a fun surprise to send her pics of little miss in outfits she’s pretty sure she didn’t pack.

Here’s a closer shot of the imagination romper by itself. I’m so in love with this fabric, it physically hurt to cut into it. I saved enough to make myself a backpack out of it, and if I’d had more time I would’ve tried to get it done for this trip. But I was cutting it close as it was, but it’ll be ready for next time.

I also threw together 2 reverse canvases for a couple of my moms coworkers who are retiring. Originally I was going to design something, but time was running short and I found something great online.

They turned out great, and I have to give a shoutout to hubs for pulling all of the staples while I was at work. And for helping with the stapling when I was finished. Hoping the 2 ladies loved them and enjoy their new free time.

Last but not least, I leave you with some random pictures from the last month (or so).

Bad Blogger

I’ve been very negligent, I can’t even remember the last time I posted anything. I have at least been sewing, and knitting (and maybe debating dipping my toe into the custom tumbler pool, shh).

We went on a cruise, 11 days, 7 stops, all fun.

And I’m pretty darn proud of myself that I made a fair few of my outfits for this trip, including my bathing suits (no pictures, you’re welcome).

Once we got home I made yet another pair of leggings (that I need to fix the waistband on) and another raglan.

And hubby got a shirt out of the deal too, not home sewn but still technically made by me.

Cute shirt for Abby, of course her 2 year old reaction was “No!” I don’t take it personally, she liked it a few minutes later (I think).

Then the great bag experiment began, I’ll do a more in depth exploration later, this is the Summit Pack by cloudsplitter bags. In my beloved silhouettes by BackStitchFabrics that I got in a mystery pack.

This is the Park Sling by Sew Sweetness, in a fabric I found in a buy/sell/trade on Facebook.

Ok, that’s about as caught up as we’re gonna get in 1 post. I’ll try to not wait 3 months to post again so the next one won’t be the novel this post is.