It is done

As much as I love taking a few days and heading to the happiest (busiest) place on Earth, it’s always nice to come home. Until I try to go to bed and the cats must express how much they’ve missed the humans. But anyway, on to the fun stuff.

Day 1, Epcot flower and garden festival. Mom and I were accidental twins, I made matching hats and shirts on purpose, but the white shorts were just weird family esp I guess. Our middle fast pass got delayed so we were offered a list of replacements, character spot here we come. It’s not often we do character pictures but it’s always fun.

On to magic kingdom, where I only have this picture to show. That was the day for the kids, so I only have pics of the them. Since they’re not mine, I’m not going to share their stuff. But this one is fair game, since he’s modeling my hat in such an anonymous fashion. It was still a fun day, the youngest loved the parade, and the few rides we managed to get on (Saturday is a busy day at MK for the record).

On to the Animal Kingdom, which was celebrating its 20th anniversary (which makes me feel so old). This was the day we were concerned about our rain chances, but it was for naught, it spit for maybe 5 minutes and was clear the rest of the day. Mom and I twinsied it again, semi on purpose, I knew she planned to backstitch it and decided to do the same. I was expecting epic crowds, especially when the parking lots were jammed. But it really wasn’t that bad, and the temperature wasn’t center of the sun hot, so we had quite a pleasant day.

Yesterday was Epcot again, and once again mostly child focused. We had a nice lunch at harvest grill, where I had half of my lunch “airplaned” to me by my niece. Her mom and I were using the technique on her to get her to try things, and she liked it so much she adopted it towards me. You haven’t lived until an almost 2 year old moves your fork around and makes airplane noises to try and feed you.

So here we end, with a picture of the completed quilt. I finished it on the drive to Disney and my fingers have just started to recover. I hate hand binding, but it looks so nice that I do it anyway.

It is time

Almost. Today is the first of the trips to Orlando, just for the day to go to the McDonalds worldwide conference. Obviously I’m not an employee, but hubby is, and sometimes being the wife has perks. Today is the day where they allow more employees than the ones who bought passes for the whole thing to go on the expo floor for a few hours and see what’s around. They also have food set up from around the world, so I’m planning to try the goat cheese burger from Spain and the dinosaur McFlurry from Singapore.

But it’s an hour + drive, so to keep me busy in the meantime I have the I Spy quilt binding to finish. Almost 1/4 done, but I started on a short side so I can’t be too cocky about speedy sewing.

Yesterday I got this bad boy done, I had found the hat at Target in the dollar spot and knew it had to be mine. But I also knew I wanted to put something on it, but what. I had been lurking around one the sites I like for files and someone had uploaded these autographs. It was love at first sight, but there was no Mickey or Minnie, and that just won’t do. So I managed to find their autographs online and put them into design space, and the rest is history.

Also made yet another bucket hat, this one is adult size, out of knit. And it’s surprisingly comfy, I was worried it was going to be too floppy, but it’s not at all. Now I just have to protect it from the ladies in my group that will want to steal it from me (Mom, looking at you).

I went rogue with the pattern directions and chose to fully assemble each hat, then put them right sides together and sew the brims, leaving an opening for turning. Makes it so much easier, at least I think it does. And I think it makes for a cleaner looking hat, no stitching lines showing because your allowance isn’t exactly spot on. The brim can be a little challenging, especially with knit, it likes to stretch and buckle a little. But you can hardly tell on the finished product.

I leave you with a picture of my glorious zucchini plant (yes, they’re yellow zucchini, I grow purple green beans too). Hoping for a productive year of zucchini, I have had bad luck growing them in the past.

The storm before the calm.

Let me start off by saying that I am weak, in terms of my work acquaintances asking for help. I am almost powerless and unable to say no (unless I have a real reason). Which is how I got signed up to work tonight. She was crafty and asked me directly instead of one of the mass texts (which I feel no guilt ignoring usually). I should have done the pros and cons a bit differently and included my crafting needs too instead of just considering my PTO usage. Now I’m 4 days out from a brief trip to Disney and still have at least 1 more bucket hat to make for sure. I’d love to get 2 shirts done, but I’m a little more realistic than that and acknowledge that it’s probably not gonna happen. But if you’re here it’s probably for pictures, so let’s get to what I Have finished so far.

I made another hat, almost identical to the first, which is why I put them both in the picture, proof there are actually 2. I’ve decided the next one I’m assembling my way as I think it’s neater.

This one is the Oliver S bucket hat and the pattern and directions I used can can be found here. This was the first ever bucket hat I made several years ago, and the largest size fit me fine, but this one is way too small. Don’t know if their sizing changed or if it’s because this is out of knits, but that should make it floppier not smaller, so I dunno. Guess my niece gets a cute hat.

Next we have group tees for my friends family, daddy and brother are the PPA and little sister is the princess. Unfortunately I underestimated and the shirt for daddy will probably be too small, but maybe uncle will wear it.

And since every princess needs protection against her step mom, mommy gets this shirt. Cool eh? I love the malificent and the dragon, I found the cut file in one of my Facebook groups and thought it was perfect! Unfortunately it sounds like this won’t fit mommy either, but they’re both going to try them on.

On to the shirts I know will fit, here are mine, my husbands (green) and my moms shirts for Flower and Garden festival on Friday. Mom knows she’s getting a shirt but doesn’t know what’s on it. And what none of them know is that this vinyl is supposed to glow in the dark! So it’s white, but it’ll be green too, like a plant, get it? It cracks me up every time I think about it, but I’m easily entertained. These were awful to weed, they’re so intricate, but they turned out so nicely it was worth it.

Kinda hard to see the details from that far back so here are the close ups of each design (mom and I match)

I leave you with a word of caution regarding blade changes. The cricut blades that say they’re “universal” aren’t. So always test cut before you ruin almost an entire roll of htv the way I did. It took me 5 tries (on test pieces after the 2nd full cut through) to get it right. I had to cut it on the paper setting, and it still cut through in places. I ordered new blades off of amazon and haven’t had any trouble since. Heed my warning, save your vinyl.

Who thought this up?

Recently we had the opportunity to buy some outdoor furniture for a great price from a neighbor of my mom. The only catch? The covers of the swings were in pretty pitiful shape. No biggie we all said, I sew, get some outdoor fabric and trace the originals, easy peasy. Except they were so dry rotted that one ripped down the middle just getting it home, the other is in slightly better shape but still tears easily.

Finally succeeded in tracing out a rough pattern, Gracie of course had to assist.

Fit check went pretty well, I started to think I might have a chance. My main problem is that the old cover fit underneath, while the new one has to sit on top so the pattern will show.

I managed to sew on the outdoor bias tape, which my sewing machine Hates without too much trouble. At first anyway…

The pockets for the top curve to fit into initially went smoothly. Until I realized that I hadn’t had the bias tape fully enclosing the whole pocket and had to rip it back.

Then I realized that the front curves had missed the fabric also. So after they got ripped and re sewn I decided that the pockets for the top arms needed to be tighter. Seam ripping turned into cover ripping by accident and there doesn’t seem to be much of a way to repair them.

Now I have the pleasure of trying to reclaim some of my bias tape from what has turned into a train wreck. I believe it goes without saying that this particular project is now in time out until it can behave like civilized fabric.

And here I leave you, in a vain attempt to distract with Gracie’s cuteness. I should note that a few minutes after I took this she moved herself into the middle of my side of the bed and made herself comfy.

Hats off

Another week missed on the weekly challenge. Only by a couple of hours but it still put me out of the running. Funnily enough my project that barely missed the bus fits both last weeks and this weeks challenge. It’s both a pattern I owned that I’ve never sewn and a floral.

Meet my worst nightmare, also known as Sandcastle Hat by made by jacks mum. Not a pattern issue, mostly operator error, like while top stitching watch where both of your layers are. So you don’t accidentally sew the inner hat all to the brim while you do it. That…was fun to take out. But I was successful in the end, now I only have 3 more adult hats and one child’s hat to go.

This is the women’s small, and I’m glad I sized down because it’s a tad big, I had originally printed women’s medium.

This is the kid hat, it’ll be adorable if I can ever get it finished.

My supervisor approves wholeheartedly, though he did eventually get bored and went to bed without me.

On a roll

Ok, so my roll is that I’ve finished a project 2 weeks in a row. And I’m overlooking the part where it’s the same pattern again.

Since the first one was so huge I made my RTW size this time and it fits much better. Still not sold on the high front/low back though, I’m trying to figure out if I can flip them since the front does have slightly different shaping. My mom has even decided she likes the idea enough to commission one.

The garden is also proceeding nicely, I lost a kale plant early on, but the rest seem pretty happy. Now to keep the darn squirrels and ants at bay. Luckily it’s still cool enough that my cilantro hasn’t tried to go to seed and my kale is still growing nicely. It’s even been nice enough to sit outside a little bit. We’re working on a patio area out back where we can have a picnic table and the fire pit my mom got us for Christmas. It’ll be great for parties and such, nothing quite like hanging out around a fire.

I have great Disney shirts planned for the upcoming flower and garden festival, but the reveal will have to wait, mostly because I don’t have anything cut yet. Tomorrow’s another day and I’m going to try and be as productive as I was today.

In the meantime, I leave you with my sweet boy doing his best Superman (on my backstitch minky blanket).

Absence makes the heart …

Grow fonder, so the story goes. It’s been super busy around here, between my birthday, working and working some more something had to give. Alas my creating is what gave up the goat. I’m hoping to make up for it in this post, it’s gonna be a long one (fair warning now).

Lets start with the garden, usually I’ve got vegetables coming in now, but I got a seriously late start this year.

I decided to venture back into the realm of crochet. This scrubby yarn by red heart is seriously great, and I’m not typically a fan. It’s scrubby enough for tough stuff, small enough to get into tricky spots and fully washable. And as a bonus they take about 10 minutes each after you get them down. The downside to this yarn is seeing the stitches is near about impossible. But I can still pretty much crochet by feel, thank goodness for muscle memory.

I made my very first corned beef and cabbage. My husband doesn’t like it, so usually I only get to enjoy it when one of the moms has pity on me and shares the wealth. This year I decided that I was going to make it anyway, someone will eat with me. It’s turned out lovely, and was super easy using my pressure cooker.

My weekly sew a long project, it was supposed to be something green but I had this fabric from Joann and wanted to experiment with this pattern. I’ve been looking a way to recreate my favorite shirt and this is pretty darn close. It’s the Boheme Sky by striped swallow designs and has my favorite handkerchief style hemline. I made a 2X based on my measurements buts it’s too big, I’ve already printed the next size down and have a plan for the next. This pattern is neat because the top half is fully lined. No neckbands!

Last but not least are the shirts I threw together for our trip to Disney tomorrow. Hubby was giving me a hard time about wearing green, and I started joking about making shirts. Which turned into a reality, after running around to multiple stores searching for the perfect green shirts. And as a bonus I got to play with my new easy press. People always seem to knock it online, but so far I think it’s great. Huge surface area, timer so I don’t have to worry about counting in my head ( or my usual of not bothering at all). You can also set the actual temperature instead of guessing between cotton or silk.

So that’s it, long post following a long absence.

I leave you with the rare photo of Jack and Grace almost snuggled up together, you know it’s cold* when these 2 are allies in the bed.

*Florida cold that is, it’s been in the 50’s at night.

Long time, no see

I wish I had a better reason for the radio silence, but I almost forgot that I was trying to post regularly. I’ve been fairly busy with my projects and have a little bit to show for it.

Up first is the laundry day tee, using the tank top cut lines. This was my sew something red project. It also fulfilled my need for a top to go with my boardwalk mickey pants.

The next weeks project I went off course and decided I wanted to try my hand at mickey ears. I think these are a tad small, so I enlarged the pattern to 105% and the next pair was a little better. I also bought some new headbands that I practiced covering with fabric. Burned myself pretty decently with the hot glue too. I grabbed some chopsticks the other day when we had Chinese though, so I’m going to try using them to apply pressure instead of my fingers.

This is where we leave the sewing arena, enter moms first sock. Completed in Perry last weekend and the second immediately cast on to avoid the dread Second Sock Syndrome. Pattern is the Shapely Secret Sock and is apparently the best fitting sock I’ve ever made for my mom. I made her a pair about a million years ago when I was first learning socks and she’s loved them ever since. So when she asked for more I was willing to provide them…except I had no idea what the pattern was. Enter Ravelry forum, within about 5 minutes I had a link to the pattern and had downloaded it.

Up next is another Auntie Tay idea from her YouTube channel. Using cricut to cut a stencil out of freezer paper, then spraying bleach (or paint, or glitter, or whatever you want) to make the design. This is my first attempt, and while it clearly isn’t perfect, but I kind of like how it turned out.

Second attempt was a reverse stencil, using the same mickey as the black shirt, but the inner part of the stencil. I like this look better, but mickey looks like he has an antenna instead of an ear. Guess my bleach got underneath in that area. I think I sprayed too heavily and the stencil got too wet.

Lest you worry that hubby got left out, here’s his Tampa Bay Rays logo. I applied lessons learned from my shirts and very lightly sprayed (pink shirt mistake) and just walked away. I also left the stencil larger (black shirt mistake) so I didn’t get as much of the shape of the actual paper. Big mistake on this one is the centering…or lack thereof. It seemed good when I started, but it’s very obviously to the left (when worn) and may bother me endlessly should he actually wear it. But this is why I practiced on inexpensive commercial shirts before trying it on something I’ve made myself.

Alas, that is the end of my adventures for the moment. Tomorrow is hopefully a trip to the biggest quilting store in the area to get fabric so I can make myself a bigger quilt for hunting camp.

Excuses, excuses

Are pretty much all I have for the long silence. I meant to post before now but I guess life gets in the way. Lest ye think I’ve not been busy, let’s start the roll call of finished works.

First up are the scrunchies I made from a Pinterest post I found. They’re beyond easy and were my #week3 project (which was not my plan, but you gotta do whatcha gotta do).

Up next are the shirts I ironed decals onto. I can’t take credit for the shirts themselves, like I said, low sewing output. But it’ll be fun to go to Disney with matching shirts at some point.

On to the newest discovery, the reverse canvas. You literally take an artists canvas and pull all of the staples out, cut the canvas down and apply the iron on of your choice. This one is by CleanCutCreative on Etsy, the stats are a coworkers little boy. I thought it was a good twofer, I got to practice this fill in technique with the numbers and names, and she’ll get a cute present for his almost first birthday. Anyway, you can paint the frame that had been covered with canvas, if you can choose a new frame. I elected to paint this one with chalk paint.

I know she likes gray, so that’s what I went with. I think it turned out pretty good for a first attempt. My husband helped a lot with the wood staples, especially since I cut this canvas a tad smaller than I meant to.

Next was this one, I decided I wanted something for the house and this fit the bill. Of course after I got it cut and ironed hubby said “shame they don’t have Disney ones”. Which sparked the Etsy search for a cute Disney Home saying. Attempts to weed those were horrible and have been abandoned for the time being. I’m probably going to try again with a larger canvas and see if that helps.

This frame got a new treatment, pickling. I have no idea why it’s called that, but it’s what the paint bottle said so I’m going with it. Seems to be a water based type stain, and it goes so nicely with my kitchen area that I’m trying not to hold a grudge about what an enormous pain it was to accomplish. It really wasn’t that hard, it just took forever to dry, and I was painting it outside at night with poor lighting. I’m choosing to call the look rustic, luckily sanding it down helped further this look.

Next up is a baby stats canvas for the good friends of ours that have recently had a baby. And something red for this weeks sewing challenge. Luckily I bought red fabric for a laundry day tank to coordinate with my mickey boardwalk leggings.

Now I just have to kick my way to my cutting table, un bury my mat and tools and hope my pattern is still around. Wish me luck.

P.S. Gracie says goodnight.

Week 3

The weekly sewing challenge continues, this week was officially to sew something that would be useful in your sewing room. But I didn’t feel like making a scrap catcher, fabric box or pin cushion (my only realistic ideas in the time frame I had). So I went “rogue” and cut into the fabric that just came yesterday.

It’s the Choose Your Own Adventure by Rad Patterns. I went for curved hems front and back, I almost did high/low but decided I wanted to keep it even. Now I just have big brothers to do, but week 4 is sew something for a boy/man, so brothers shirt gets to wait until tomorrow.

Because of cold kitties and other distractions this shirt barely made deadline of tomorrow at 7 pm. And had I realized it was tomorrow I would’ve probably procrastinated even longer. Wanna see the other distraction?

Here is the first attempt, isn’t it awful? My paint “bled” everywhere and my name just got globbed up in the crack. So I sanded it down and started again, which is one of the joys of woodworking I suppose.

I decided to leave some of the original gray and white for “texture” and ran over it with a blue stain I got cheap at Walmart. It took forever to dry and made a heck of a mess, but it looks cute so I guess it’s worth it.

I followed the advice from one of my Facebook groups and mod podged the stencil areas before painting to help with the bleeding. Would’ve worked better if I had known before hand that stencils won’t stick to oil based stains. I had whitewashed the first try so it stuck no problem, but this try it wouldn’t even try.

Luckily distressing helps a lot, so now it just looks like it’s supposed to be this way. Hubby wants me to wait for her birthday to give it to her, I just want to give it to her now. I hate waiting, but I suppose he has a point, so birthday it shall be.

I end with proof it does get cold in hell, all 3 of my cats who normally take turns hating each other are all within paws reach on my blanket (and in all of my legroom).